How Savvy Travellers can get around the US and UK New Electronic Device Restrictions


How Savvy Travellers can get around the US and UK New Electronic Device Restrictions

Can you imagine not being allowed to bring a tablet or laptop on a flight in this present day? Now, the US has banned passengers from carrying devices larger than a mobile phone on flights originating from some Middle Eastern and North African countries. Also, UK has followed the new electronic device restrictions and implemented similar bans when flying from Middle Eastern and North African countries.

This means you can no longer take devices like laptops, iPads and e-readers into the cabin on particular flights. These measures have been put in place due to an "unspecified security concern". At this stage, there is no concern of this affecting passengers travelling to and from Australia. Australia has no current plans on implementing such restrictions. However, this could create a future hassle for passengers travelling to the US and the UK if the restrictions are extended to more countries.

Australian travellers have caught a lucky break as British authorities have decided against applying the ban to flights that originate or stop over in Middle Eastern hubs such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. If British authorities had implemented bans on these destinations like the US, passengers flying from Australia to London with Qantas, Emirates, Virgin Australia, Etihad and Qatar Airways would have to leave laptops and tablets behind.

So, what countries have been affected? The US has implemented the restrictions on large electronic devices from airports in a total of nine countries – Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. The UK has only placed the restrictions on six countries – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Typically, residents of Perth will travel to the US via the Middle East instead of flying all the way to Sydney or Melbourne first. These passengers will be affected. How can passengers affected by these restrictions get their larger devices to their destination? Some savvy travellers have decided to use PACK & SEND to send devices to their destination when confronted with the new restrictions. Instead of risking items being stolen, lost or damaged in checked baggage, you can have peace of mind by sending items with PACK & SEND in a secure and cheap manner.

Recently, one mother successfully thwarted the restrictions when travelling the US. Cheryl L was recently faced with the restrictions when travelling to the US on a flight transiting through the Middle East, and let us know about her experience on our page. “I was unable to bring two iPads to my children in the US when travelling recently via Abu Dhabi,” said Cheryl. Like any smart traveller, Cheryl didn’t want to take a gamble by having the iPads in her checked baggage. “I did not want to pack them in checked baggage and risk them being stolen”. Instead, the option was to use PACK & SEND to get the iPads to the US without any issues. Cheryl continued, “PACK & SEND were brilliant in providing an estimate, packing and sending them to my children in the US. They arrived in perfect condition and at the time quoted”.

According to CNN, The Transportation Security Administration saw over 30,000 claims of missing valuables in just a four-year span, that totalled a property loss of $2.5 million.

Clients in need of sending electronics due to these new electronic device restrictions are provided with a full range of international parcel delivery and courier services. Offering security, tracking, signature on delivery and confirmation of arrival.  The PACK & SEND international couriers work to meet any deadline expectation while maintaining the integrity of your item. Also, you will have peace of mind with the PACK & SEND Freight Plus Warranty.

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