PACK & SEND Franchise Revenue Streams

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PACK & SEND’s unique multi-channel business model enables you to earn revenue through both active and residual income streams. Active income streams is the income you receive when you actively participate in the work to provide the service from your service centre. In contrast, residual income is cash flow received on a regular basis that requires minimal effort to maintain it and is primarily derived from PACK & SEND’s technology and ecommerce solutions.


Value Add Parcel/Freight Delivery Services

PACK & SEND’s personalised services extend to the convenience of customers dropping off their goods at the Service Centre (or option of pick-up from the door), tailored solutions, address labelling of parcels, document preparation, loss and damage warranty cover, delivery follow up and proactive track & trace.

Retail Packaging Sales

PACK & SEND sell a full range of cartons, cushioning material and tape for those customers that want to pack their goods themselves.

Professional Packaging Services 

PACK & SEND provide a professional packaging service for customer’s goods. PACK & SEND employ state-of-the-art packaging techniques and are the experts in handling goods that are fragile, large, awkward and valuable. 

Micro-Fulfillment Services

With the eCommerce boom, more and more business are outsourcing their product fulfillment. A consequence of this growing demand is that a large proportion of PACK & SEND Service Centres hold stock for such customers offering a pick, pack and delivery service. Our PACK & SEND Live software includes micro-fulfillment capabilities. Micro-fulfillment is the concept of a network of small format fulfillment facilities in accessible urban locations that are close to the end-consumer, where consumers can have their items delivered in as little as one hour after they place an online order. Under PACK & SEND’s micro-fulfillment solution national customers will also be able to understand their inventory in real time across the PACK & SEND network, have the capability to transfer stock between PACK & SEND locations and optimise their order processing – all from PACK & SEND’s proprietary technology platform that’s available anytime, anywhere on any device.

Last Mile Home Delivery Services

Consumer demand is changing. Consumers value fast, flexible delivery and expect parcel delivery to match other parallel consumption experiences (e.g. Uber, Menu-Log, Domino’s Pizza and the like). PACK & SEND is ideally positioned to meet these needs with a premium home delivery service. Our Service Centres can act as an urban ‘consolidation and despatch’ facility that accepts parcels from courier companies for last mile distribution to homes. PACK & SEND can consign these parcels to be delivered to homes at flexible times using our point-to-point carriers.

Parcel Collect Services

PACK & SEND offer a parcel receiving and collection service to both its customers and courier companies, allowing customers to collect their parcel at our Service Centres at their convenience. This happens when a resident is not home to receive a parcel being delivered by a courier, or the customer selects a PACK & SEND as an alternate delivery location.

Domestic & International Delivery Services

PACK & SEND is Australia's leading and most recognised parcel courier and freight delivery reseller. With the benefit of our proprietary technology (GMx) and strong carrier partnerships, we give customers access to multiple freight, courier and shipping services that save our customers time, trouble and money.

Local Pick Up & Delivery

Our Service Centres have PACK & SEND van that offer a wide range of local pick-up options. These can include Pick-Up services that are flexible, on call urgent, day and time specific, and out-of-hours.

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eCommerce Shipping Technology

PACK & SEND Live is an ecommerce shipping technology platform for e-tailer customers (business customers who sell product directly to consumers from their website). A PACK& SEND Live customer is one that requires its own IT systems to be directly integrated with PACK & SEND’s IT systems. PACK & SEND Live provides ‘real time’ freight quotes for both domestic and international shipments at the seller's website checkout – and links the sales order process to PACK & SEND’s automated booking systems. Our system integrates with your website shopping platform (e.g. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay etc) and with PACK & SEND’s supplier carrier systems.

Import/Inbound Delivery Services

The importation of parcels to Australia is a high growth market, and with our technology and carrier relationships franchisees are able to pick up parcels virtually anywhere in the world. As an intermediary reseller, this enables franchisees to grow import sales without any increase in overhead or labour costs.

Online Self-Service - Parcel Delivery

PACK & SEND has developed an ‘Online Quote, Book and Pay’ system for sending pre-packed parcels anywhere in the world (domestic, export and import services). This is an internet based service promoted as ‘Online Self-Service’. The solution provides customers a simple parcel sending solution – where customers can book parcel deliveries, print carrier compliant labels, pay for freight and send. Customers have the option of Door-to-Door delivery or Drop-Off at PACK & SEND Service Centre. Regular senders can register as a PowerSender have access to a portal to manage consignments and view customer address book, shipment history etc.

Parcel Valet - Mailbox Rental

Parcel Valet is a comprehensive mail and parcel concierge service that offers customers a mailing address, receiving and signing for customer deliveries, parcel and mail receipt notification (text or email), holding mail/parcels in a secure location for convenient collection and the option of a mail/parcel forwarding service. The service is ideal for web-based or small businesses who require a real business street address. Selected PACK & SEND Service Centres are also fitted out with physical mailboxes for rental. 

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