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Boxes, Cases & Crates

boxes, cases and cratesAt PACK & SEND we specialise supplying made-to-size boxes, crates and cases to suit your specific needs.

Some items are so fragile, valuable, or large that they simply should not be transported unless they are crated or encased in the protection of a wooden container.

Our packing and freight experts can provide a free assessment of your goods and provide the most appropriate and cost effective outer container for every item and shipment. The right level of outer-protection can give you peace-of-mind when sending heavy, highly fragile or valuable items.

Packing Boxes

We stock a large range of premium quality corrugated boxes to meet the protection needs of your item whilst in transit. If we don't have the corrugated box on hand to suit your job, we'll build one! We have the expertise to make a one-off corrugated box to any specified size and strength.

Packing Cases & Crates

Fully enclosed cases or crates are ideal for protecting heavy or valuable items for either domestic or international destinations. Cases can be made from a range of materials including timber, plywood, MDF or Ultra-heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.
Cases are extremely durable and can be built to any specification. Cases represent an excellent upgrade over corrugated cardboard boxes in order to provide additional levels of protection of goods.

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