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Send a Parcel. Anything. Anywhere.

No matter what you're sending, PACK & SEND has got you covered. Specialising in International courier shipping and Australia-wide courier shipping.

Order fulfillment covers the complete process from when a sale takes place all the way through delivery to your customer. Successful ecommerce businesses largely depend on a third party to complete the fulfillment steps from receiving, storing, processing, picking, packing and shipping the order to customers. 

For small and medium-sized enterprises it is not easy to find logistics service providers capable of servicing their unique needs. However, PACK & SEND is the expert on customised logistics solutions for businesses of any size.

When you use PACK & SEND for your ecommerce order fulfillment, you benefit with no upfront capital costs and pay only for what you use.

Whether you are selling on Amazon, eBay, or your own web store, PACK & SEND provides fast and efficient ecommerce fulfillment solutions, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on the development of your business instead of managing logistics.

PACK & SEND’s ecommerce order fulfillment services will:

  • Save you time and money on storage, pick and pack, and shipping
  • Improve your customer service through fast, accurate delivery
  • Scale your business to meet growing demand or seasonal peaks

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Send a Parcel. Anything. Anywhere.

No matter what you're sending, PACK & SEND has got you covered. Specialising in International courier shipping and Australia-wide courier shipping.

Why choose our eCommerce order fulfillment service?

Here are just some reasons to use PACK & SEND for your ecommerce order fulfillment.

1. Fulfillment Technology Tools to help you Grow

Our order fulfillment technology integrates with your online store, to automatically receive orders. That enables us to pick, pack and ship them on the same day.

Our cloud-based order fulfillment technology also gives you full transparency as to when your orders are processed and shipped – no matter which of our fulfillment centres you choose.

You also have full access to your inventory tracking data, in real time. So even though your stock is not in your own fulfilment warehouse, you always know where it is, how much you have got and when to re-order to replenish stock levels.

When we receive your customers order, we will also email the customer a unique link where they can track its delivery progress in real time.

Our technology provides the kind of eCommerce customer experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more.

2. Customised and Personal Service

PACK & SEND has built a reputation for going the extra mile when it comes to service for its customers. Our fulfillment service is based on flexibility and value-add solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Many of our customers also love the fact that they can just walk into our Service Centres at any time to be able to speak to the team responsible for sending out their orders on a daily basis. This transparency is what sets us apart from other order fulfilment providers.

You can always reach a live person located at one of our fulfillment centres and we provide dedicated account managers for each of our clients.

3. No Minimum Order Quantity and No Minimum Contract Period

PACK & SEND does not have a minimum order limit to use our fulfillment services. You can store and ship as many or few orders as you want. This includes the storage and handling of a small range of products on shelving, to a pallet of cartons or unloading a full sea container of inventory.

PACK & SEND also has no minimum contract period for fulfillment solutions. We know ecommerce can be a variable market to be selling in, so we do not tie any of our clients to a fixed term contract.

4. Save money on storage, systems and staff

When you use our small business ecommerce order fulfillment services, you won’t have to invest in your own logistics infrastructure:

  • No need to rent or buy extra storage space
  • No need to hire additional customer service or pick and pack staff
  • No need to invest in warehouse or inventory management systems

5. Micro-Fulfillment or Forward Fulfillment Options

With more and more businesses selling online today, shipping can be a major differentiator for your brand. Same-day delivery on your website turns more visitors into buyers.

To provide the most efficient, inexpensive, and fastest shipping for businesses and their customers, PACK & SEND e-commerce fulfillment services includes the option of micro or forward fulfillment solutions – a solution that utilises multiple fulfillment centres across Australia.

Our extensive 100+ network of small format fulfilment facilities are located in accessible urban locations that are close to the end consumer. That means you can place your inventory geographically close to the customer - enabling consumers to receive their items very quickly, and in some cases as little as three hours after they place their order on your web store.

PACK & SEND can also offer the option of customers to conveniently collect their order from our Service Centres.

6. Packaging Options to Suit Everyone

Our flexible tailored value add services can include for example, custom packaging with your own branded boxes to create a superior unboxing experience for your customers. We also have the ability to add gift notes or other items to help enhance your brand delivery experience.

7. Fast, reliable and competitive eCommerce delivery

PACK & SEND is Australia's leading and most recognised parcel courier and freight delivery reseller. We move a very high volume of parcels and freight through our courier supplier network every day, so we are able to negotiate the best possible delivery prices, saving you on shipping costs.

Our technology also integrates multiple carriers into one solution, optimising the best price for every destination. And no matter how many carriers you use – you receive one consolidated invoice, reducing administration burden.

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Send a Parcel. Anything. Anywhere.

No matter what you're sending, PACK & SEND has got you covered. Specialising in International courier shipping and Australia-wide courier shipping.

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