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Healthcare logistics faces unique challenges and requires specialist expertise. That’s why PACK & SEND services are specifically designed to ensure these shipments are treated with the utmost care and meet the necessary regulations. From time-critical medical devices and medicines to temperature-controlled vaccines and blood tests, you can count on us to get your goods to the right place at the right time.

The PACK & SEND Advantage in Healthcare Delivery and Shipping Solutions

As a distinguished shipping company, PACK & SEND goes beyond being a simple delivery service. We are partners in facilitating your healthcare supply chain with customised healthcare logistics services. Our proven expertise allows us to handle sensitive healthcare items with precision, making PACK & SEND an indispensable ally in the healthcare sector.

We appreciate that medical supply solutions demand a meticulous approach and PACK & SEND is adept at managing such nuances. 

Our healthcare-specific services revolve around:

  • Sensitive equipment handling: We specialise in transporting critical medical devices and equipment securely and efficiently. Our network is designed to keep up with demanding market requirements, guaranteeing compliance and protection of valuable, time-critical goods.
  • Pharmaceutical logistics: We manage the supply chain for pharmaceutical products, ensuring timely and compliant delivery for optimal patient care. From manufacturer to pharmacy, our secure and reliable services ensure your products stay safe and compliant.

Our experience in dealing with sensitive medical equipment and pharmaceuticals underlines our commitment to providing reliable and effective healthcare delivery solutions, whether you are shipping health equipment to the US, or shipping a parcel across town.

Customised Healthcare Shipping Services

Our delivery solutions, designed for the healthcare sector, are driven by a commitment to flexibility and understanding customer needs. The suite of services we offer includes:

  • Timely distribution: We guarantee punctual delivery of medical supplies and equipment to healthcare facilities and hospitals, even offering priority delivery if needed. Thanks to our same-day and next-day services, you can reduce hospital stock and inventory costs. Plus, our expansive network reaches nearly every hospital in Australia, ensuring accessibility and efficiency.
  • Compliant transportation: Our adherence to regulatory standards ensures the compliant transport of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.
  • Reverse logistics: We facilitate the return and management of products in the healthcare supply chain.
  • Sensitive equipment handling: Specialised service for the safe and secure transport of delicate medical devices.

These services underscore our readiness to tackle your delivery challenges head-on. 

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Safe and Unrestricted Medical Supply Delivery

At PACK & SEND, we excel in providing medical supply delivery solutions that enable a safe and secure transportation of unrestricted products. While we handle special certification deliveries on a case-by-case basis, our primary commitment is to the seamless delivery of healthcare items that don't require regulatory compliance.

Our approach to medical supply delivery includes:

  • Handling and facilitating smooth shipping solutions for unrestricted healthcare products.
  • Prioritising safety in transportation, with robust tracking systems ensuring shipment integrity.

This approach allows us to focus on what we do best - providing reliable, efficient and safe delivery solutions for medical and patient care.

Proven Success in Healthcare Shipping

PACK & SEND has established a significant reputation in healthcare logistics, demonstrating our capability to respond to various healthcare industry requirements. We proudly showcase our success, particularly through our partnership with Rapid Test Aus. 

In this collaboration, we've successfully addressed several challenging aspects, including:

  • Maintaining strict temperature controls for healthcare products.
  • Managing storage and distribution effectively.
  • Handling high-volume orders on a daily basis.

Our ability to handle these tasks underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare delivery solutions.

Enhance Your Medical Shipping with PACK & SEND

Choose PACK & SEND as your medical delivery solution. We strive to understand and cater to the healthcare industry's unique needs. Our goal is to help optimise your supply chain, ensuring that healthcare products are delivered efficiently within your healthcare system or hospital. 

Reach out for a quote today, and let PACK & SEND revolutionise your healthcare shipping.

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