Maximising a Far-Reaching Network

You can be confident in a compelling market reality: the growing eCommerce market is significantly driving the demands for shipping both packed and unpacked goods

A PACK & SEND Service Centre is essentially a 'travel agent' for the freight and packaging industry. - Our business has continued to grow every year because we provide great value for our customers by using advanced technology to find the best 'asset based' freight supply partner (courier, cargo, shipping, postal, and removalist companies) that suit their delivery needs. Combined with our expertise in packaging services, this means you can offer a solution for any person or business.

From your service centre, you can arrange collection of customers' packed goods located virtually anywhere on the planet - and then have them delivered to any destination in the world.

How the PACK & SEND Franchise System Works

  • PACK & SEND licenses franchises for a retail business (known as Service Centres) which provide a full range of packing and freight solutions to businesses and consumers. Service Centres utilise our proprietary freight management technology (GMx) to find the best 'asset based' freight supply partner (courier, cargo, shipping, postal, and removalist companies) to perform the delivery solution for their customer.
  • Service Centres also use an approved PACK & SEND branded van to facilitate any local pick-ups or local deliveries that may be required by customers.
  • A key value-added service of the PACK & SEND Service Centre includes professional custom packaging of items of any size, fragility or weight. PACK & SEND Service Centres also sell a wide range of packaging supplies.
  • The Service Centre business system is set up for low staffing levels but with a 'no limits' approach to sales growth. A Service Centre can service customers in any geographic area. You can arrange collection of customers' packed goods across the globe and not only are you able to provide packaging services to customers locally, but also at a national and international scale - using PACK & SEND's Store Connect system.
  • The Service Centre is provided with an exclusive marketing territory for the active marketing and promotion of PACK & SEND products and services. The Service Centre may solicit business in any geographic area (and is encouraged to do so) as long as it is not in another existing Service Centre territory.
  • PACK & SEND centrally operates and manages the Online Booking platform known as Online Self-Service. We handle and process customer invoicing and payments, freight supplier payments and develop and maintain the technology to support our online operations. Each Service Centre acts as our online agent, providing the fulfilment of all operational and customer service functions using our proprietary Online Fulfilment Management software. In performing these services PACK & SEND pays the Service Centre a service fee equal to 100% of the revenue booked online by customers located closest to their outlet - less their share of the expenses incurred by PACK & SEND in operating the Online Self-Service.
  • PACK & SEND also operates a unique freight brokerage business that integrates business customers (the shipper) with multiple freight carriers via SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. This solution, known as PACK & SEND Live, enables the shipper to create consignments, labels and manifests directly from the customers premises for carrier collection and delivery. PACK & SEND appoints franchisees as its agent to sign up customers to PACK & SEND Live, where franchisees are given rights to promote, establish, invoice and collect monies on customer accounts for courier and freight services booked through the SaaS technology. Franchisees can also use PACK & SEND Live to provide fulfilment solutions for their customers. An online retailer can integrate their marketplace with PACK & SEND Live and the Franchisee can manage the complete fulfilment solution for online orders, including pick, pack, labelling and despatch. 

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