How our eCommerce Fulfillment Works

PACK & SEND is a technology enabled logistics leader. This, together with our national network of fulfillment centres places us at the forefront of ecommerce fulfillment for small to medium sized businesses.

Fulfilling your ecommerce sales orders with PACK & SEND is easy.

Below we describe how our ecommerce fulfillment operates with 5 easy steps.

1. Setup and Integration

  • You provide us with your requirements.
  • We then seamlessly connect your shopping cart (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento etc) and other sales channels such as eBay and Amazon to PACK & SEND Live fulfillment technology system.
  • Connecting with us is simple and easy. You won’t need to hire a programmer to get connected.

2. Store your inventory at your nominated PACK & SEND fulfillment centre

  • Ship your product to PACK & SEND.
  • You may choose to store your stock at one or more PACK & SEND Service Centres.
  • Keep track of your inventory in real time across our fulfillment centres with our cloud-based PACK & SEND Live fulfillment technology.

3. Sales orders start flowing into PACK & SEND for eCommerce Pick and Pack

  • Your customers order from your web store and their orders are imported directly into our PACK & SEND Live fulfillment technology platform.
  • Staff at our Service Centres will pick, pack and ship your orders fast and accurately.
  • Our systems ensure we can support same day fulfillment.
  • For domestic deliveries we can if required, provide delivery (or customer pick up option) on the same day that your customer orders on your web store. This service is currently only available on business days and through our micro-fulfillment solution.

4. PACK & SEND ships the product and sends tracking information

  • We ship your customers orders at our competitive rates both nationally and internationally within a few days.
  • A tracking email is sent to your customer.

5. Dedicated Customer Support

  • You can always reach a live person located at one of our fulfillment service centres. 
  • We also have a dedicated account manager for each of our clients to tend to all your enquiries efficiently and effectively.

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