Micro-Fulfillment Solutions

What is micro-fulfillment?

Micro-fulfillment (or Forward Fulfillment) is the concept of an extensive network of small format fulfilment facilities located in accessible urban locations that are close to the end consumer.

It is a decentralised fulfillment model that reduces the distance to customer homes, enabling consumers to receive their items faster and more flexibly than ever before.

For consumers, same day delivery or pick up after placing an order on a web store is possible with micro-fulfillment.

Rapidly delivered services are already becoming the expectation for consumers through services such as menu log and uber eats and as consumers do more of their shopping from smartphones and laptops they are also demanding faster fulfillment.

Micro-fulfillment solutions can provide a competitive edge for e-commerce companies.

How does Pack & Send’s micro-fulfillment work?

PACK & SEND is a technology enabled logistics leader. This, together with our national network of fulfillment centres places us at the forefront of ecommerce fulfillment for small to medium sized businesses.

Our micro-fulfillment service gives consumers the convenience of online shopping – but with immediate product access.

Below is the 6 steps that explain how PACK & SEND meets consumer demand for same-day online order fulfillment.

  1. PACK & SEND connects national customers shopping cart and marketplaces to PACK & SEND Live shipping platform.
  1. National Customer transfers SKU’s to one or multiple PACK & SEND Service Centres. Customer enters transfer movement in PACK & SEND’s Inventory Management System.
  1. Service Centre receives goods and updates Inventory management System with SKU’s received and stored.
  1. Consumer orders product online.
  1. PACK & SEND Live shipping platform creates fulfillment order for the Service Centre storing SKU closest to the consumer. Local Service Centre picks, pack and consigns the shipment for delivery. Consumer orders booked online before 12pm can be delivered same day.
  1. SKU inventory levels are updated at Service Centre on despatch. National customer has visibility of what stock of SKU’s is inbound, on-hand, available and outbound across the PACK & SEND network.

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