PACK & SEND: Our Franchise Advantage

For over three decades, PACK & SEND has meticulously refined a proven business model, continuously evolving to adapt to the dynamic landscape of parcel freight and logistics while ensuring optimal
service delivery and revenue maximisation for franchise partners.

A PACK & SEND Service Centre is essentially a 'travel agent' for the freight and packaging industry - and our business has continued to grow every year because we provide great value for our customers - using advanced technology to find the best 'asset based' freight supply partner (courier, cargo, shipping, postal, and removalist companies) that suits their delivery needs. This, together with our expertise in packaging services, means you can offer a solution for any person or business.

With a legacy of continuous evolution, we invite entrepreneurial-minded individuals to join our dynamic team. If you're passionate about delivering exceptional service and aspire to build a business with
limitless growth potential, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

Here are our top 12 reasons for owning a PACK & SEND Franchise:

1. Dynamic growing market

You can have the confidence of knowing a simple but compelling market reality: growing trade via the internet is significantly increasing the demand for sending packed and unpacked goods. In today's world of online shopping, there continues to be more and more goods being shipped than ever before.

2. World class business systems

You are fully equipped with the systems, resources, network, technology, expertise and buying power to exploit the explosive growth in the movement of goods.

3. No Limits to your sales growth

Your potential customers are everyone; including Blue-chip corporations, small to medium size businesses, tourists, backpackers, eBay buyer and sellers, householders and government departments.

You have the systems to handle everything - big, large, small, awkward and valuable - from one item to hundreds of items.

You can arrange collection of customers' packed goods located virtually anywhere on the planet - and then have them delivered to any destination in the world.

Not only are you able to provide packaging services to customers locally, but also at a national and international scale - using PACK & SEND's Store Connect(TM) system.

4. Brand strength

With an international footprint of more than 130 Service Centre locations, the PACK & SEND brand opens doors, confirms credibility, motivates the buyer and instills customer loyalty. Our website, call centre and referral networks deliver you consistent enquiries from day one, giving you a great platform from which to build your business. PACK & SEND is one of Australasia's leading franchise businesses.

5. Great work-life balance

A key benefit of owning a PACK & SEND Service Centre is that you are essentially operating from retail premises at business to business trading hours.

6. Earn online income, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

At PACK & SEND you get the best of both worlds - Online & Retail. PACK & SEND offers our customers a combination of 'bricks and mortar' Service Centre sales and ecommerce parcel delivery sales (PACK & SEND Live, Online Self-Service). You literally will earn money while you sleep.

7. High profit margin products and services

PACK & SEND Service Centres operate with high gross profit margins, where individual sales can gross anything from a few dollars to $80,000 and above.

8. Low cost retail business model

You get to operate a retail business model that is based on a low staff requirement and low non-perishable inventory - with the advantage of having access to the systems, strategic planning capability, buying power and marketing muscle of a big network.

9. Award winning training & support

We provide professional and comprehensive initial training that covers every aspect of owning and operating a PACK & SEND Service Centre. There is ongoing training, a comprehensive intranet site, benchmarking and marketing support. You also receive one-on-one support from a dedicated business development consultant.

PACK & SEND has been internationally recognised for embracing world class franchising business practices. The company was the winner of the 2007 PricewaterhouseCoopers Australian Franchisor of the Year Award and in 2008 earned second place in the prestigious International Franchisor of the Year Award.

10. Work satisfaction and fulfilment

It's our franchisees who tell us how personally and professionally satisfying working in a PACK & SEND Service Centre can be. When you are in the business of sending anything anywhere, no two days are the same; and there is nothing more rewarding than being recognised by your customers and peers for going the extra mile with a 'no limits' service.

11. A team that embraces innovation

Innovation is an integral part of the PACK & SEND culture and business strategy. You will be joining a team committed to implementing new business and technology initiatives - so that you benefit from the brand continuing to evolve and expand its range of one-stop-solutions.

12. Low Initial Investment

A PACK & SEND franchise is a very affordable investment with a low entry price compared to other retail franchise systems. We also have a Gateway Franchise Program - that assists people to get into business who we believe are outstanding candidates but have insufficient equity. This includes access to major lending institutions that know and trust our brand. For qualified candidates, these lending institutions may finance a portion of the initial investment against the assets of a new PACK & SEND Service Centre location.

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