Empowering Franchise Success with Leads Guarantee

There are plenty of incentives to become a franchise partner of PACK & SEND, not the least being that you will be joining a credible leading brand with products, systems and service that have stood the test of time through ongoing innovation and growth.

However, in addition to these benefits, PACK & SEND is now providing franchisees who open a new Service Centre in a new territory the peace of mind of a guaranteed number of customer leads. Our market is growing rapidly and we need more Service Centres to cater for the high growth in customer demand. So we are seeking quality people to join our franchise network - with the backup support of a guaranteed minimum number of customer leads in the first year for you to manage and convert to income.

For many people contemplating starting a new business, the biggest leap of faith is their confidence in the ability to attract as many customers as possible in the start-up period of year 1 trading.

At PACK & SEND we guarantee in your first year a minimum number of people that will reach out to contact you for a quote through our call centre and website. These are known as Trackable Brand Leads. If you receive less than the minimum number of Trackable Brand Leads specified in your Franchise Agreement, then PACK & SEND makes a payment to you.

Our Year 1 Trackable Brand Lead Guarantee enables you to estimate your potential sales income in the early stages of your business with a better degree of accuracy. It also shows the confidence PACK & SEND has in its business model and brand, to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

When you apply for a PACK & SEND franchise we provide you with a detailed Explanatory Document to give you a clearer understanding of how our Year 1 Trackable Brand Lead Guarantee program works, so that you have full understanding of this important component of our franchise package.

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