Low-cost Model with Strong Support Network & High Earning Potential

Low Initial Investment

A PACK & SEND franchise is a very affordable investment with a low entry price compared to other retail franchise systems. We have a variety of funding options to assist. This includes access to major lending institutions that know and trust our brand. For qualified candidates, these lending institutions may finance a portion of the initial investment against the assets of a new PACK & SEND Service Centre location.

We also understand the challenges of starting a new business, have made available a PACK & SEND Franchise Fee Payment Program. For a limited time, eligible candidates will be able to defer 70% of the initial franchise fee and pay this over a 2-year period, interest free! Terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria do apply. 

We are committed to enabling entrepreneurial candidates to realise their dreams of business ownership.

Low-cost retail business model

You get to operate a retail business model that is based on a low staff requirement and low non-perishable inventory - with the advantage of having access to the systems, strategic planning capability, buying power and marketing muscle of a big network.

PACK & SEND Franchise Support

Every successful business is built on a solid foundation and at PACK & SEND, we have decades of experience, knowledge and insights, which is precisely what we give our franchise partners.What we bring to the table is comprehensive initial and ongoing training, national head office support, advanced proprietary technology, marketing resources, customer referral networks, powerful internet marketing strategies, preferred supplier buying rates, a global network to assist in providing services, online operations manual, assigned Network Sales & Operations Manager, regular franchise partner meetings, national conference, financial benchmarking reports and standardised systems, tools and processes on all aspects of the business.

Our franchise partners lead their business to success by bringing a passion for great customer service, relentless execution of sales and marketing activities to develop local brand awareness and lead generation, skills in converting enquiries to income and a commitment to efficient business management.

Maximising Earning Potential

In a PACK & SEND Service Centre, there are truly no limits to sales growth. With a diverse clientele ranging from blue-chip corporations to small/medium businesses or householders, franchise partners have access to a broad market spectrum. Whether it's sending a single small item, handling multiple shipments per day for a small business, or managing the logistics of a large-scale corporate project, the systems in place empower franchise partners to handle any task efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the ability to provide packaging services locally and internationally through PACK & SEND's Store Connect system opens up avenues for revenue expansion on a global scale. Additionally, the high-profit margin products and services offered by PACK & SEND ensure that each sale, regardless of size, contributes significantly to the franchise partners bottom line.

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