Save Time & Money by Outsourcing Your Inventory Management Logistics

Inventory management is an important but time-consuming aspect of business and it can become even more costly if done incorrectly. Outsourcing to PACK & SEND's logistics services team provides your business with access to expertise which can ensure better management of your stock.

From unloading containers and re-palletising to coordinating short or long term storage, PACK & SEND has the expertise and facilities to manage your inventory efficiently and securely. Our logistics services team also conduct stocktaking as well as reporting, so you are always informed of your stock levels, costs and order fulfilment.

3PL Warehouse Storage

Once your business has grown to a size where offsite storage is required, PACK & SEND can provide 3PL warehouse storage solutions, along with stock management and order fulfilment services. Handing over your warehousing and inventory management to PACK & SEND means we can take care of all the details for filling customer orders and managing your stock.

Single Solution for Logistics Services

We can pick, pack and despatch orders, as well as providing delivery services with our courier and freight network. PACK & SEND offers a single solution to all your logistics requirements and our services can be tailored to meet your business needs, budget and industry. International shipping and import services are also available to efficiently receive stock ordered overseas and provide fast delivery of goods to customers located anywhere in the world.

Organise Your Inventory with PACK & SEND

Improve business inefficiencies with the expert logistics team from PACK & SEND handling your ordering details. Call 1300 668 000 or find your nearest PACK & SEND Service Centre to discuss your business requirements.

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