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Courier Services Perth

We are known for providing Perth’s best courier service for good reason. Our team are the most efficient support you will ever encounterin the courier service industry. They can suggest the most appropriate services for shipping your parcel. You have a wide variety of courier services to choose from ranging from air freight for quick deliveries, sea freight for bulky parcels and road freight for domestic shipping. PACK & SEND serves as the one-stop-shop that presents the ideal courier service in Perth.

Superfast Courier Shipping

No matter the freight forwarding option you choose, you will receive the quickest delivery, domestic and international. Like our courier service in Brisbane, we offer priority shipping options as well for sending urgent documents and packages from Perth. The air freight forwarding service makes express package delivery a reality and ensures superfast courier shipping at all times.

Professional Support

PACK & SEND provides a top-notch experience with our professional support. We house a skilled team of experts who are at your service round the clock. You can either drop off your goods at our service centre in Perth or we can pick up the package from your doorstep. You will receive an adept response to all your queries and quick resolution for all your shipping needs.

Secure Deliveries

In addition to excellent support, we ensure the safety of your parcel throughout the transit and until the delivery. All of our service centres including courier service in Melbourne and courier service Perth ensure end-to-end security of the shipment. You can send all your fragile, expensive and bulky items via our freight forwarding service. 

Alongside we offer packaging service as well, to help you move internationally with utmost comfort. The experts will pack the fragile items with supportive bubble wrap and sturdy boxes for maximum security. You can obtain extended assurance with our Freight Plus Warranty option for maximising security.

Punctual Services

We understand the importance of punctuality in the logistics industry. Therefore, we keep punctuality as the top priority when delivering every package. The ocean and air freight forwarding options eliminate the chances of any delays in transit. Whereas the efficient point-to-point courier assistance is adept at domestic courier services from Within Perth and around WA as required.

We aim to complete the international deliveries with the same diligence. This makes PACK & SEND the perfect choice for sending your urgent couriers and freight overseas for timely delivery. You can ensure punctuality with our track and trace technology that keeps you updated about the status of your package.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our courier services in Perth accelerate their shipping and delivery process through the implementation of cutting-edge technology. The advanced courier delivery and tracking technology make the process easier for both parties involved. They make the shipping process extra reliable and eliminate the scope of human errors that may lead to delays.

The rise of the eCommerce industry warrants an advanced shipping companion to grow their business at an exponential rate. Our company makes for the ideal partner in such cases. We can accommodate all sizes and frequencies of shipments for personal and commercial needs.

Responsive Staff

The customer support team offers relentless assistance throughout the day. You can reach our staff through multiple channels for support. One of them is meeting with them in person at one of our 100 service centres across Australia. Other convenient options include calling our customer helpline number or sending an email. You are guaranteed to receive a prompt response on either of the channels. We can help you make the shipping process hassle-free through our responsive courier service in Sydney and Perth.

FAQs of Courier Service Perth

1. What is the purpose of the Perth courier service?

PACK & SEND’s courier service in Perth serves the purpose of making seamless freight forwarding accessible for everyone. We aim to excel at courier and shipping services. Our team works dedicatedly to expedite the delivery of your parcels, domestically as well as internationally.

You can get in touch with us via a call on 1300 668 000 

2. How can I choose the best courier service in Perth?

You can choose the best courier service in Perth by looking for the following traits:

  • Reliable and secure delivery service
  • End-to-end customer support
  • Efficient pick-up and delivery process
  • Systemic packaging
  • A wide range of freight forwarding options
  • Can ship parcels of a variety of sizes
  • Accurate tracking technology
  • Timely delivery of the package

3. How can I track my parcel?

You can track your parcel via your tracking number. The tracking number can be added to the website to obtain the precise location of the parcel. This provides a convenient update on the urgent and priority packages. Have a look at our track and trace page for more information about the tracking technology.

4. How to select the right courier service in Perth?

The appropriate courier service in Perth can be identified on the basis of the responsiveness of the team and whether they can provide freight forwarding services as per your different requirements. You can compare the expansiveness, costs, and delivery speed to choose the best courier service in Perth.

5. How are the courier charges calculated?

The shipping charges vary as per the freight forwarding service you select. In addition to that, the weight of the parcel and the distance from the delivery location play an essential role in determining the total shipping cost. You can use the shipping calculator to obtain an estimate or contact our team to get a quote.

6. What do I do if I receive the damaged courier?

You can receive compensation in case your courier is damaged in transit if you have opted for our Freight Plus Warranty service while shipping the parcel. We ensure that the parcel is delivered in the condition it was received and is secure whilst in transit. However, the warranty covers the damage or loss that might occur due to some mishap during transit.

7. How to cancel my Perth courier shipping?

If you are using our Online Self Service option to send out a shipment, and it has already been paid for, then you can cancel it by getting in touch with us via email or phone. Our team will guide you further about the procedure. 

8. How soon my courier will be shipped from Perth?

Your courier will be shipped according to your needs. The priority shipments are arranged for express delivery for urgent couriers. The air and sea freight services take care of same day and overnight deliveries for your convenience.

9. What is the contact support details of the Perth courier service?

Our courier service in Perth is easily accessible in-person, via a call as well as via email. The contact details for all of our Perth Service Centres can be found in the list below.

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