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With PACK & SEND, you can now calculate your postage costs accurately and ship anywhere within Australia or to 80,000+ destinations around the world. Using the shipping calculator, you can easily get an estimate on the postage costs, and for it to be sent to your preferred destination.

Our online shipping calculator can help you calculate postage costs easily and instantly so that you can ship products across the globe, in a hassle-free manner. Click here to calculate now:

PACK & SEND make is quick and easy to calculate your postage cost and book it yourself online, for a wide range of parcels. For anything outside the "instant quote" parameters of our postage calculator, Your enquiry will be sent straight to your nearest PACK & SEND service centre who will prepare a personalised quote to suit your needs.

How to Ship Products?

There are multiple ways to ship products such as Sea Freight, and Air Freight, and senders should choose the way that they deem ideal for their courier and freight needs. Once the mode of shipping is decided, the next step is to decide the ideal packaging for the shipment based on its nature and value. Once packed, you should calculate the dimensional weight, and determine the postage costs based on these details using a shipping cost calculator.

How to Use Shipping Calculator

If you have never used a shipping calculator before, do not worry — it is as simple as it can get.

Here is a step-by-step process to guide you with using a shipping calculator:

Step 1 - Enter the Origin and Destination. These fields will also require you to mention the specific country, suburb, and postcode that you are sending the shipment from and sending it to

Step 2 - Check the box if you would like us to pack your shipment for you. (if you select this option, you will be getting a customized quote instead of an instant one)

Step 3 - Check the box that would let us know if you would like to add excess baggage or personal items (if you select this option, you will be getting a customized quote instead of an instant one)

Step 4 - Enter the details of the package including its length, width, height, and value. You should have the accurate measurement and weight of the package to generate an exact postage estimate. If it is not possible for you to have the exact dimensions and weight of the package, enter an estimate. However, note that the final cost will be based on the exact values of the package dimensions and weight

Step 5 - Add a brief description of the package that you are sending

Step 6 - Click on “Submit Quote”

Step 7 - Review the postage cost generated based on the details entered by you. You can also proceed to select one of the several shipping options to pick one that works best for you

For all the inquiries that fall outside our parameters for ‘instant quote’, our team will get in touch with you, and help you with a personalized quote.

A Checklist for Shipping and Handling

When you are shipping packages from an origin to a destination, it is important to pay attention to a few parameters. Here is a checklist that you can use for shipping and handling packages.

☐ Decide the Origin and Destination
☐ Check Delivery Time
☐ Get a Shipping Cost Estimate
☐ Decide on a Shipping Carrier
☐ Pack the Shipment Appropriately
☐ Verify with Shipping Restrictions
☐ Consider handling costs

Before sending your package for shipping, you should ensure that you have thoroughly gone through the checklist and implemented it.

Why choose PACK & SEND as your shipping provider?

PACK & SEND makes it easy for you to ship products from a specific origin location to any destination. Right from the calculation of your postage costs using our online shipping calculator, to safely sending your package to over 80,000 destinations around the world, we take care of it all. Our customers always talk about how useful they find the features and processes. As one of the most trusted shipping companies in Australia, we ensure nothing short of stellar customer satisfaction and quality in our services.

FAQs of Shipping Calculator

  1. How do I calculate the shipping charges?

    You can calculate the shipping charges by measuring the dimensional weight, the distance between the destination and origin, and the value of the package. Once you have these values, you can easily calculate the shipping charges using a shipping calculator.

  2. Are there any other charges?

    Generally, all the costs related to the shipment are included in the shipping charges. However, based on the additional services that you opt for, you may need to pay handling charges, or for excess baggage. In such cases, a personalized quote will be generated by us.
  3. Is it possible to cancel a booking?

    If you are using our Online Self Service option to send out a shipment, and it has already been paid for, then you can cancel it by getting in touch with us via email or phone.

    Telephone: Call the PACK & SEND Customer Care team for Online Self Service on 1300 668 000 Option 2 - Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
    Email: Email the PACK & SEND Customer Care team for Online Self Service at

  4. What determines the cost of shipping an item?

    When you are shipping an item, the origin, destination, dimension and weight of the package together determine the cost of shipping the package. Additionally, you would also need to include the cost of any extra services that you opt for.

  5. What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?

    If you are not in a hurry to get your package delivered sooner, Sea Freight is always cheaper per kilo than other shipping options.  Bear in mind that there may be a large minimum weight/volume, so it may not suit everyone.
  6. What products are banned for shipping from Australia?

    Goods such as ammunition, fireworks, hazardous waste, ivory, marijuana, flammable liquids, and other kinds of shipments that are prohibited by law.

  7. What is the fastest way to ship from Australia?

    Air Freight is one of the fastest ways to ship packages from Australia to other destinations around the world.
  8. What are the security measures I should keep while shipping goods?

    Before shipping goods, you should ensure that it is adequately packaged and aptly labelled based on the value and nature of the contents. You should also check with the government restrictions and exclude any product that is prohibited.
  9. How can I track my parcels?

    Once you confirm and place your order, we will send you the tracking information for it so that you can seamlessly check its status at any time.
  10. How soon will my shipments be delivered in Australia-to-Australia?

    Most shipments are delivered within 1-3 business days within cities, and 4-5 business days in rural areas if it is a domestic delivery.
  11. How soon will my shipments be delivered from Australia to worldwide?

    Most international shipments take anywhere between 7 to 14 days when you are shipping from Australia to any of the 80,000+ destinations in our network.

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