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Local, Interstate or Worldwide couriers and freight

PACK & SEND is one of the leaders in the couriers and freight industry, and as such, we understand all the service benefits you need in this modern era. Our company has been well esbablished in the delivery business since 1993 and our mission has always been to be the most convenient brand in the couriers and freight industry.

Our goal here is to provide the broadest range of convenient and reliable express courier services for every customer in Australia. Regardless of the destination – be it across the world or just in the next suburb – our outstanding value-added services, partnered shipping companies and advanced technology will allow you to easily send your package.

Through the couriers and freight service we offer, you can expect all the essential elements for a smooth shipping process. We offer a choice between highly supportive personalised service through your local PACK & SEND service centre, online self service or PACK & SEND Live for regular business shippers. You can either avail of our online self-service option to book a pickup driver or even drop your packages off in one of our 100+ service centres.

We cover all of Australia, offering a courier service Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, courier service Melbourne, Darwin and courier service Perth to cover all metropolitain & Capital cities, not to mention dozens of regional service centre locations. On top of this local retail service centre coverage, we also have v for over 80,000 locations.

Whether you are a person in need of standard delivery couriers, an ambitious individual planning to make an e-commerce marketplace, or an established businessman looking for a more efficient solution – PACK & SEND has everything you need for the fulfilment of your shipment needs.

With us, you can experience a no-limits outlook that allows you to send just about anything to any location that accepts our couriers and freight service. Get started now and become one of our many satisfied customers.

What are the different types of courier and freight services?

Here at PACK & SEND, you can choose from a wide variety of options when you use our couriers and freight solution. Just take a look at the following types of services and then find one that fits your needs.

  • Express courier service. This service type allows you to send a package that will arrive on the recipient’s doorstep on the same day. The express courier service option comes with online tracking via the PACK & SEND website and a trusted warranty. However, it is important to note that this service only applies to packages being sent to metropolitan areas or within the same state

  • Post and parcel courier service. Our post and parcel service is an option that is dedicated to paper mail. Here, you can send paperwork, legal documents, and campaign letters to local or foreign areas.

  • Travel baggage courier service. This type of courier service gives you the power to bring everything you need when you travel for holiday. This way, you won’t have to stress over what and what not to bring as our travel baggage courier service has got you covered.

  • Airfreight service. If you are an enterprise owner in need of a better solution to send out a large number of packages, then our air freight service is for you. Utilise this bulk cargo courier service as an inexpensive means to optimise your company shipping.

With our versatile couriers and freight solutions, what more could you ask for? Take advantage of any PACK & SEND offer now and get your precious goods to their destinations.

Are there any items that cannot be sent by courier?

PACK & SEND are the swiss army knife of the transport industry. We pride ourselve on a "No Limits" attitude, plus we partner with specialist carriers, and we are always searching for solutions to satisfy our customer's every courier and freight needs. When you request a personalised quote from a PACK & SEND service centre, you get access to our full scope of custom tailored solutions.

If you choose to use our automated online self-service system, there are some items that cannot be sent via the online channel. Instead, these items can be handled by the team at your local PACK & SEND retail service centre.

Listed below are the kinds of items that cannot be shipped out through our online self-service option.

  1. Unpacked items
  2. Items that are not sufficiently packed in accordance with our packing guidelines.
  3. Goods that have a value over $3,000 AUD
  4. Items with a weight heavier than 30kg
  5. A package larger than 1.0 cubic metres (m3 = length x width x height)
  6. A package with a side longer than 200cm

For a more extensive list of items that cannot be sent by our couriers and freight Australia service, browse through the ‘Prohibited Online Goods’ section on our website.

Are there any additional charges for an international courier?

Generally, it is more expensive to send parcels overseas compared to sending within Australia. All items travelling by international courier and freight servces are subject to customer clearance procedures in the destination country. Customer clearance procedures vary from country to country, and may involve the application of duties and taxes, depending on the parcel contents and value. Any additional charges levied by the destination country must be paid before the parcel will be allowed to clear customs and enter the country for final delivery.

To get an estimate of the total amount to be spent on our shipping fee, all you have to do is load up our website and then tap ‘Get a Quote’. Select ‘Australia’ as your origin country, enter your suburb or postcode, and then choose the country of destination.

State whether or not you need us to pack the item and if it is considered excess baggage. Then, input the length, width, height, and weight of the package along with its monetary value in AUD. Lastly, tell us what item you are going to send and end the process by clicking the ‘Submit Quote’ button.

Now that you know how to check the international shipping charges for our courier and freight service, simply prepare your package and allow us to handle all the logistics.

Choose PACK & SEND as your courier today and experience 5 star quality deliveries!

We specialise in providing a comprehensive courier and freight service locally, interstate and worldwide. Through our network of national and international delivery providers, we are able to provide a customised solution for any goods you need to send. Our professional and efficient parcel and courier services can deliver documents, packages or freight to just about any address in the world.

Service Same Day Priority International
Speed Same Day* Next Business Day 2+ Days^
Delivery network Metro areas, same state Capital cites, metro areas, major regional locations Over 80,000 destinations worldwide
Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Optional Optional Recommended

More Choice, More Options

Your options at PACK & SEND are unlimited. We can send goods by road, air or sea, with a wide choice of a courier and freight delivery service standards (Lite, Budget, Standard, Premium or Critical). We can provide a solution no matter what your needs are in terms of budget, delivery time and reliability.

We also offer competitively priced services for the collection of single parcels or complex multiple deliveries. There are no weight or size restrictions at PACK & SEND and our service options include a professional custom packaging service.

Businesses and Consumers

PACK & SEND services both business and personal customers. If your business regularly sends parcels and freight, then you may qualify for our Advantage Partner program where special pricing benefits and services are available. Enquire today to see if you qualify as an Advantage Partner. We also specialise in servicing individual, private customers and offer competitively priced options for sending excess baggage or personal effects overseas for students, backpackers and tourists.

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