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Create consignments, labels and manifests in bulk from anywhere with PACK & SEND Live.
Great Software Backed with Great Service.

  • No monthly subscription
  • Multi carrier solutions
  • Bulk consigning & despatch (door-to-door deliver)
  • Credit Account – Consolidated Invoices
  • Dedicated AccountService Team
  • Inventory & Stock Management
  • Free market place Integrations
  • Competitive & Tailored Pricing
  • 100+ Network Service Centres(3PL, Returns & Reverse Logistics Capabilities)

The Perfect Shipping Solution for eCommerce

Our platform easily integrates with your website platform to fulfill your shopping cart orders. You can automate booking of couriers that pick up from you, plus you’re backed by PACK & SEND’s award winning customer service to ensure your customers are looked after.

With auto generated tracking information that is sent directly to your customers and reduced delivery times compared with postal services, you can ship Anywhere in the World at the click of a button. Tap into our great rates derived from our massive carrier partner volumes. You can also coordinate customer returns easily, to ensure that you provide your customers with t a service they will keep coming back to.

How easily can I integrate my Shipping Platform?

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Do you want fulfilment with that?

PACK & SEND is a technology enabled logistics leader. This, together with our national network of fulfilment centres places us at the forefront of eCommerce fulfilment for small to medium sized businesses. Fulfilling your ecommerce sales orders with PACK & SEND is easy.

How does Shipping + Fulfilment work?

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Why use our Shipping Software?

How can PACK & SEND Live save you time, trouble and money? Well, it’s all in our leading-edge technology, buying power and award-winning customer service.

With Cutting Edge Technology Platform, Our world class technology has been built with 25+ years of logistics experience it gives you free access to a world class platform to manage all your shipments and make life easier.

Award Winning Customer Service: You want your business to have a great online reputation, then it’s important you partner with suppliers that have a proven reputation for world class customer care. PACK & SEND have been rated by as the best courier and freight service in Australia.

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Fulfillment Technology Tools to help you Grow

Our order fulfillment technology integrates with your online store, to automatically receive orders. That enables us to pick, pack and ship them on the same day.

Our cloud-based order fulfillment technology also gives you full transparency as to when your orders are processed and shipped – no matter which of our fulfillment centres you choose.

You also have full access to your inventory tracking data, in real time. So even though your stock is not in your own fulfillment warehouse, you always know where it is, how much you have got and when to re-order to replenish stock levels.

When we receive your customers order, we will also email the customer a unique link where they can track its delivery progress in real time.

Our technology provides the kind of eCommerce customer experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why PACK & SEND Live?

Why PACK & SEND Live?

How can PACK & SEND Live save you time, trouble and money? Well, it’s all in our leading edge technology, buying power and award winning customer service.

  • Cutting Edge Technology Platform: Our world class technology has been built with 25+ years of logistics experience. With our insight we have made multi-million dollar investment – to give you free access to a world class platform to manage all your shipments and make life easier.
  • Award Winning Customer Service: Do you want your business to have a great online reputation? Then it’s important you partner with suppliers that have a proven reputation for world class customer care. That’ exactly what PACK & SEND offers. We are rated by as the best courier and freight service in Australia. As a PACK & SEND Live customer you will also have a dedicated account manager, who will be on hand to help you with anything you need.

Yes – we offer highly competitive rates.

PACK & SEND moves a very high volume of parcels and freight through our courier supplier networks every day, so we are able to negotiate the best possible delivery prices, saving you on shipping costs. Our technology also integrates multiple carriers into one solution for you, optimising the best price for every destination. Plus we coordinate and manage everything with the carriers, so you don’t have to. And no matter how many carriers you use – you receive one consolidated invoice, reducing your administration burden.

PACK & SEND Live shipping software improves your customers purchasing experience, reduces cart abandonment and minimises your costs.

We understand that giving options to your customers is important. That’s why we consolidate the services of the world’s top carriers into a single shopping cart shipping solution – allowing you to seamlessly offer more delivery solutions for every customer. Your customers can choose an slower delivery or perhaps an express service option.

PACK & SEND Live shipping software automates every step in the despatch process and reduces errors, time and cost.

  • Support Multiple Sales Channels: Perhaps you sell on ebay, through your own website and also over the phone – no problem! PACK & SEND Live shipping software can import orders from as many different channels as you use into one centralised spot. From there, you have their order status at your fingertips.
  • Generates labels automatically (with Batch Printing): With one click, PACK & SEND Live will create courier labels either to PDF or directly to your thermal printer. You have the option of printing individually or batch printing.
  • Creates Picking Slips, manifests and customs documentation automatically.
  • Books Courier Pick Ups: PACK & SEND Live will even notify your couriers that there are parcels to be collected.

PACK & SEND Live shipping software automates how you engage and communicate with your customers to improve their experience, reduce your time in servicing them whilst building your brand and sales at the same time.

  • Customise your SMS/TEXT and email notifications: Streamline your eCommerce shipping and fulfilment with automated shipping notifications. Notify your customers of the status of their order with text and/or email messages.
  • Branded Tracking Page: Direct customers who want to track their delivery online to your own branded tracking page. Customise the page with your logo, imagery and voice and use the chance to further promote your shop or particular promotion.
Live Support

Live Support

It’s as easy as filling out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you pronto. Alternatively, call us on 02 9822 5622 and ask for the PACK & SEND Live business development team.

We can create your account and help you connect one or more of your sales channels to our technology very quickly, enabling you to ship your orders instantly.

We know every business is unique, which is why we offer you your own dedicated account manager to help answer any question.

At PACK & SEND, we believe that all businesses regardless of size, should have the advantages of dedicated customer service normally available only to the largest shippers.

You will be assigned one of our shipping experts – where no problem is too big or small and personalised customer service is always just a phone call away.

The PACK & SEND Live shipping software is backed by real personalised service.

Shipping Services & Rates

Shipping Services & Rates

PACK & SEND has the capability to provide courier, freight and shipping services to send anything, anywhere.

Our comprehensive domestic delivery services include local delivery, road services, priority services, and interstate courier services. We also send to anywhere in the world, and offer a wide range of competitive international courier options.

We have no weight or size restrictions. PACK & SEND ships it all, from business documents and parcels to larger consignments.

Regardless of whether it’s high value, small, big, fragile or non-fragile – we can develop a solution for your business.

As a PACK & SEND Live customer you can save on your shipping costs. This is because we combine the volumes from all of our customers nationally and negotiate significant discounts with our world-class carriers – and we pass this market advantage on to you.

We offer two pricing plans based on your shipment volume:

  • PACK & SEND Live Go: If you send in the range of 5 – 15 shipments per week, we can get you connected quickly to our technology and provide you our standard and highly competitive pricing for regular senders. You will save money when compared to dealing direct with the major courier brands.
  • PACK & SEND Live Pro: If you send in the range of 20+ shipments per week, we will provide you with customised pricing that will reduce your shipping costs even further, ensuring you are getting the competitive advantage you deserve.

As a qualified PACK & SEND Live customer you get the premium delivery service, but without the premium price.

Contact us by completing the qualifying form to get full details of your Pricing Plan.

  • Warranty cover for loss or damage is available for shipments booked through PACK & SEND Live.
  • You can opt to take out warranty on all your shipments, or none.
  • Warranty cover is charged at 2% of the declared value of the items shipped.
  • No excess is payable for any warranty claims.
  • We invoice on a weekly basis and payments are required within 7 days of the invoice date. Live Go customers are direct debited within 7 days of the invoice date and Live Pro customers make payment on invoice.
  • Invoices are generated on the first working day after the weekend and incorporate all shipments created during the week.
  • Invoice weeks run from Monday to Sunday.
Fulfilment Services

Fulfilment Services

PACK & SEND has a national network of fulfilment facilities and under our PACK & SEND Live Pro+ package you can outsource and automate your entire fulfilment process.

There are no limits to our services, which can include storage and handling of a small range of products on shelving, to a pallet of cartons or unloading a full sea container of inventory.

Our storage, pick, pack and delivery service is tailored specifically to your needs, regardless of your business size. More and more customers are using our fulfilment services due to our flexibility, customised value-add solutions, speed of delivery and competitive courier delivery prices.
Our tailored value add services can include for example, custom packaging and the ability to add gift notes or other items to help enhance the customers brand delivery experience.

We can also hold your inventory in multiple PACK & SEND Service Centre locations. Our customers choose this option when they want their products geographically positioned as close as possible to their customers – in order to provide quick same day delivery (or an immediate pick-up point) as a point of difference.
Our national network of storage and fulfilment facilities places us at the forefront of ecommerce fulfilment for small to medium sized businesses.

PACK & SEND offer a range of fulfilment services, including:

  • Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Pick & Pack
  • Courier & Freight delivery
  • Imports
  • Stocktakes
  • Other Administrative Tasks

Our fulfilment services are cost effective for businesses big or small and are tailored specifically to your needs. You benefit with no upfront capital costs and only pay for what you use.

To enquire about PACK & SEND’s ecommerce fulfilment service pricing, please contact us via the PACK & SEND Live Pro+ enquiry form.