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International relocation is a hefty task which demands a lot of preparation, management, and coordination with reliable international movers. Look no further for a stress-free transition as PACK & SEND is the go-to international movers’ company across Australia.

Our professionals come with a ton of experience in assisting families, students, small businesses, and large corporations choose the perfect freight forwarding service for moving abroad. Trust our extensive network of couriers and freight services to ship bulky cargo overseas. We can customize our services to best suit your move through an extensive network of courier and freight options.

Sincere Support

We understand relocation on such a large scale warrants ample assistance. The company is equipped with specialists who can arrange for end-to-end service. The specifics include packing, pickup and delivery to multiple locations across the globe.

You can ship all kinds of items, be it your furniture, electronic goods, or other personal belongings such as clothing, souvenirs and books. You can avail the expertise of international packers and movers who adopt smart approaches to lighten your load and professionally compartmentalize your packing and shipping.

Niche Expertise

International moves differ greatly from the usual local relocations. You need to do a lot more than just pack up cardboard boxes and load them in a moving truck. Movers and packers generally hold expertise in the domestic arena and it is rare to find one that specializes in international transfers. Our team has mastered the necessary skills required to accomplish this task effectively for you.
As international movers, we can help you have a safe and stress-free move. We will aid every step of your move, from international priority shipping, packing your belongings to collecting correct papers, customs clearance, and freight transportation.

Experienced Team

There's no denying that hiring a reputable moving company with international relocation experience can make a significant difference in your international relocation experience. As dedicated international movers in Brisbane, we will not only supply you with important information about the country you are relocating to, but also provide you with knowledge on issues specific to international relocation.

These concerns include how you will ship all your belongings, what is the best way to pack fragile items, which type of freight forwarding service you should choose and the necessary documents you may require for customs clearance. PACK & SEND will assist you with this knowledge to eliminate any fears you may have regarding your upcoming move abroad.

Project Management

One can never underestimate the importance of good project management. Your relocation endeavour is best handled via international movers who excel at project management. It takes careful planning, professional execution, and a great deal of coordination. PACK & SEND ticks all of those boxes perfectly for you.

The worldwide relocation services provided by PACK & SEND include supervising the safe international shipping from Australia as well as taking care of the documentation. We can help with customs clearance and quarantine advice, ensuring that your items arrive safely and on time at their new destination.

Courier & Freight network

PACK & SEND offers the best service for your relocation. Our removalists provide a full delivery service by using a network of land, air, and sea freight solutions. We'll take care of your important products and equipment from the moment they're picked up until they're delivered to your door.

The network spans over 80,000 locations all over the world. We can help you relocate by shipping your belongings to anywhere in Europe, China, North America, New Zealand, and most of Asia.

Relocation Services

Our packaging services will properly pack your valuables utilising ways that will safeguard them from the rigours of transportation. As international packers and movers, we understand that not all items are the same size and that some require special treatment. Choose from a variety of regular boxes, crates, and cases, or have one customised to order for those oddly shaped products.

International furniture movers make sure none of your furniture is damaged and you can use it efficiently after your relocation. The same goes for offices that are relocating to a different location. We pack all your hardware and furniture, clean it, catalogue the items and then use the appropriate freight forwarding option for a successful transition.

Speak with PACK & SEND for Your International Relocation

We take a lot of pride in ourselves for being the most impeccable international movers in Australia. You will find all the high standards of the packing and moving niche upheld at PACK & SEND. We provide an array of sea freight, air freight, international courier, and excess baggage options for you to choose from.

FAQs of International Movers Australia

1. How do international movers work?

International movers in Australia work as swift removalists who can pack and relocate your belongings safely. We operate through a well-knit network of freight and courier options. Reach PACK & SEND at 1300 668 000 to know more about the international relocation services.

2. How can international movers make my overseas move easier?

International movers make your move easier in the following ways.

  • Pack all your bulky, fragile, expensive, and vintage belongings safely
  • Advice on the appropriate freight options for your international relocation
  • Expedite the customs clearance with the right documents
  • Provide a warranty for any damage that occurs during the transit

Contact our experts to avail these benefits for a seamless international relocation.

3. How can I purchase a warranty cover for the items?

You can purchase the extended Freight Plus Warranty cover when booking your consignment delivery. One of our experts will review your items and advice whether they are eligible for the damage or loss protection warranty.

By providing such a warranty, we agree to deliver the goods in the condition they were received. The warranty will provide protection from physical loss or damage to the goods while in transit.

4. What type of products you can move from Australia?

You can move all types of products from Australia through reputed international movers. You can move your furniture, electrical appliances, artwork, fragile items like vintage handicrafts. Alongside, you can ship important documents and paperwork through international parcel posts from Australia to more the 80,000 locations worldwide through a few simple steps.

You can check with our international movers for a detailed guide on the customs regulation of the country you are relocating to. This will further eliminate any confusion regarding the items you can move to and from Australia.

5. Can I get pet movers internationally? (I love my pets!)

You can find several International Pet And Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) Approved Pet movers in Australia. Choose the ones that perform the pet shipping in a secure and humane manner. Take care of the pet’s vaccination needed for the arrival to the destination country and collaborate with trusted airlines to transport your pet overseas.

6. Do you also provide storage services for a few days?

PACK & SEND provides storage and warehousing services for a few days. You can coordinate with our team at any of the service centres to better understand the process for obtaining access to our storage facilities.

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