Case Study: PACK & SEND Delivers BIG Art


Case Study: PACK & SEND Delivers BIG Art

Aboriginal painting sent by PACK & SEND

PACK & SEND can help you find shipping solutions for packages both large and small, but this item that passed through Des Papac’s Pack & SEND was truly HUGE.

Des Papac, who has been a PACK & SEND franchisee for 8 years, loves the diversity of the role, “You never know what is coming next!” This next package was a prime example to showcase such diversity.

Kate Owen Gallery, who are regular clients with Des’ PACK & SEND Balmain, had to send a very large indigenous painting. The gallery is a multiple award winning gallery in Sydney’s Inner West that specialises in contemporary Indigenous art for modern interiors. Des explained that the gallery “is all about sourcing the most exciting, yet authentic, contemporary Aboriginal art, and selecting paintings which can stand alone as 'GOOD works of art', and which can shine in any company!” Kate Owen Gallery's highest goal is to see Aboriginal Artwork in as many homes and workplaces as possible, so that the respect and interest in the Aboriginal people and culture that is engendered by such wonderful paintings, can be a continuing force for reconciliation and understanding.

Although PACK & SEND delivers lot of art regularly, not only for Kate Owen Gallery but for leading galleries, artists, art dealers and art lovers , the sheer size particular art piece posed a special challenge. Des explained that the company standards and years of experience helped with realising how to pack such a package.

“It was difficult due to the size and fragility of the art work, not to mention the high value. It took a whole day to pack with 2 people. We had to complete the packing outside as the package would have been too big for our door.”

The Indigenous painting fully packed and ready to be sent!

The painting is so large, in fact, that a special method of transport had to be used.

“We spoke to our regular carrier and determined that it was too big for their network, they didn't have a suitable service… Delivery had to be with a furniture mover as it was too risky in the courier network.”

Thanks to Des and the hard-working team at PACK & SEND, this huge painting was delivered successfully without problem!


PACK & SEND are the experts in packing fragile freight for dispatch overseas.  No job too big or small, from sending a laptop to New Zealand, to moving servers to Singapore or artwork to Argentina – we take care of everything. Give us a call today on 1300 668 000.

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