What to Consider When Hiring Movers


What to Consider When Hiring Movers

What to Consider When Hiring Movers

Hiring good movers is one of the most important decisions you'll make when moving. You’ll want to be confident that the movers you've chosen will take care of your valuable items, offer the best prices, and move your belongings in a timely manner.

Here’s what you should consider when hiring movers.

Get a Range of Quotes

No matter how much or how far you're moving, when hiring movers, you should always get at least three to five quotes from different companies. Gather estimates, compare costs and look at reviews and other people’s experiences with each company. Doing this research will help you understand the average cost of the job you need done, as well as ensuring you hire a reputable and trustworthy company.

Have the Movers Visit Your Home Before the Move

To help you and the movers get an accurate estimate of the job at hand, you should always have them visit your home beforehand. This allows the mover to assess everything you’re moving and quote accurately. An inventory list should also be created to help with quoting and can also be used as a check list to ensure that all items quoted match with what was moved. An inventory list will also remind you to ask the movers about any items that require special handling.

Choosing Based on Price

When hiring movers, choosing the company with the lowest price might not always be the best idea. Remember to thoroughly research the company.

If you've received quotes from 3 to 5 companies and one of the quotes is far lower than the others, you may be looking at a red flag. A company offering a very low price can often be unprofessional which could cause a lot of problems during and after your move.

It’s also a good idea to consider the distance of your move. If you're doing a local move, a smaller, local company, with a good reputation is likely to be your best bet. Long distance moves on the other hand, are generally handled better by larger companies.

Information and Asking Questions

With so much to cover about the moving process, an experienced and reliable company should leave you feeling confident that they have explained all the details and addressed all your concerns. A good mover will provide you with all the necessary information and cover any questions you might have - after all, they are the experts.

Understanding Extra Charges

While your moving company should be transparent and should not have any hidden charges, you should always ask if any extra costs will apply to your move. Moving things upstairs, not having close parking options and packing fees could all incur extra costs. Ask if and what fees will be charged and use this to help decide which company you will choose.


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