Make Room for Winter and Sell Your Unwanted Summer Items!


Make Room for Winter and Sell Your Unwanted Summer Items!

Sell your unwanted summer items

Winter is around the corner and balmy nights in the backyard enjoying a BBQ or lounging on the outdoor couch are fast becoming a memory. So, why not make some extra cash and sell a few items? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade or maybe that item just isn’t getting any use. It’s common for people to have unwanted items in perfect condition just lying about. It's time to sell your unwanted summer items and make some decent money.

Outdoor Dining Set

Haven’t used the outdoor dining set in a long time? Even though you don’t find any use for this dining set, another person or family will. A simply clean and decent photo will get you a good return on your dining set. Remember to include all the dimensions, brand name, description and a fair price to ensure a quick sale.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods such a bicycles, canoes and fishing gear sell very well online. Second hand sporting goods provide a cheap alternative to expensive new equipment. Do your kids no longer use their sporting equipment? Have you quit a hobby over the summer? Don’t let the equipment sit around and lose value, sell it now while it’s still worth something.


If you have young children, chances are they've already outgrown last season’s clothes. It’s always best to sell the clothing sooner rather than later. To quickly and effectively move on your clothing, sell items on consignment. High-end clothing brands will have a very good resale value. Some stores or online resellers will do most of the work for you - all you need do is take them the clothing and get paid.


Parting ways with your BBQ could be a good idea if you won’t use it till next summer. A BBQ sitting outside all winter can rust and become dirty. Even if you do keep it, you might not want to use it again unless it’s properly maintained. A smaller Weber BBQ is a quick sell with someone always on the lookout. You can typically get a third of the retail price.


Fans are a pain to store. Do you dissemble it or not? Whatever you do, you know it won’t be used throughout the winter months. Fans will always pick up dust and become a part of the clutter. The best option is to sell it for quick cash. You don’t want a fan sitting in the corner all winter. Make proper use of the space.

Pool Equipment

Obviously, the pool won’t be used throughout the winter and no longer will the bits and pieces that go with it. You can sell all the non-essential pool equipment like toys, day beds and lounge chairs. Most of the time many of these items become weather damaged and neglected. Although you need to maintain the cleanliness of the pool throughout winter, you don’t need the added work of the other equipment.

Children’s Toys

Like clothing, children outgrow their toys quickly. Lucky, there is plenty of money to be made selling children’s toys. Larger items like kitchen play-sets, train sets, swings or slides will have a decent resale price. Alternatively, lots of smaller toys will also make a reasonable return. For toys that remain in good condition you can make some decent money. And, even if your return isn't very high, you don’t want unused toys cluttering up the house.


Trampolines are great during the summer. During winter they take up lots of room without actually getting used. It’s common that children will also outgrow a trampoline. Passing it onto another family for a fair price is the best option.

When you're selling any item, be sure to do your due diligence. This means taking quality images, detailed descriptions of the product, and listing a reasonable price. These three things will ensure a quick sale.  If you build a quality online reputation, selling items in the future will become even easier.


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