What to Bring to College: The Best College Packing List EVER


What to Bring to College: The Best College Packing List EVER

Best College Packing List EVER

Going to college this year? Congrats! This a huge step in your life, and in order to make the most of it, it’s important to ensure you pack everything you need to make your academic career as effective as possible. You will of course need all the academic essentials, from book bags to pens, but you’ll also need some extras to ensure you can keep up with more modern education needs. Here is the best college packing list EVER.

  • Book Bag

It should go without saying that you’ll need a book bag to carry all those books you’ll be studying! A book bag not only allows you to easily carry your book between classes, but it’s also ideal for all those extras you’ll need. We’ll get on to those later.

Whether it’s a satchel or a backpack, a quality book bag will give you years of reliable use.

  • Laptop

Studying at university requires more than just books these days! A good laptop will provide you with access to word processors to get your essays written, cloud storage that lets you share your work, and access to the Internet where you can obtain even more information than you can at the library.

There are many affordable laptops available these days, too, including Windows laptops that connect to the cloud, and even Chromebooks that are light weight, affordable, and fully-featured.

  • Sharpies, Pens and Notebooks

A laptop is important, but notebooks and pens are necessary to take down those quick notes during study sessions. Studies have shown on multiple occasions, too, that writing down your notes helps facts stick in your brain. So make sure you bring plenty of sharpies and pens, and lots of notebooks to see you through the semester!

  • Day Planner

Sure, you have a day planner on your phone, but nothing really beats paper. Your day planner is ideal for laying out all of your classes and the times you have to arrive. You can also use your day planner to schedule your studying, your extracurricular activities, and even your social life.

Remember that when you get to university, your whole life changes. It’s more important than ever to stick to a schedule, not just to make sure you get to your classes on time, but to allow you to stick to a regular sleeping schedule. This is the foundation of a good education.

  • Index Cards

When it comes to exam times, there are few things more useful than index cards. These can be used to write down key points that you need to remember for your examinations, and they are a really neat trick for keeping facts and figures in your brain.

A great piece of advice is to use multicoloured index cards, too. By using different colours for different kinds of facts, you’ll be making it easier to reference and memorise these points.

  • Coffee Mug and Coffee

Let’s not beat around the bush – we all know that coffee is one of the most common resources in education. If you’re a coffee lover, be sure to take yourself some high-quality coffee to enjoy, and your favourite coffee mug!

  • Printer

Finally, be sure to remember a printer. Most university and college libraries will offer printing services, but having your own means you’ll never get stuck in a busy line when you need to get an essay printed and delivered ASAP!

These are just some of the essentials you’ll need for your university course, but if you remember them, you’ll be on the path to success. Give yourself the best chances possible, and make sure you have all the pens, notebooks and coffee you need!

About the Author - Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and an eLearning consultant from Sydney. She works as a tutor at australianhelp.com and is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, essayroo.comwww.huffingtonpost.com.au, and others."

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