Mother’s Day Gifts in Time for Winter


Mother’s Day Gifts in Time for Winter

Mother’s Day Gifts In Time for WinterMother’s Day is just around the corner, and so is winter. Why not get your mum a gift she can make the most of throughout the cold winter months? No more getting a dull candle or new pair of slippers, time to think outside the square. Here are some great Mother’s Day gifts in time for winter.

Winter Cookbook

A new cookbook is perfect for creating those warming winter meals. Ottolenghi: The Cookbook offers fresh, honest, bold cooking. Cuisine ranging from North Africa to Lebanon, Italy and California, the book delves into inventive yet simple dishes that rest on various culinary traditions.

Ottolenghi, an award-winning chef, has been praised by the industry, winning awards for many previous books. Ottolenghi was awarded the James Beard Award 'Cooking from a Professional Point of View' for Nopi in 2016, and 'International Cookbook' for Jerusalem in 2013.

A winter experience

An experience is almost the perfect gift. No matter what your mother enjoys, an experience can be catered for her. Mother’s that love the outdoors, food or being pampered, they all can enjoy an experience that caters to the coming winter and her desires.

Red Balloon is a site that offers all these options. The experiences range from a Champagne breakfast by Sydney Harbour to horse riding on the Mornington Peninsula, and even an overnight stay in the Yarra Valley. If your mum is very adventurous, she can jump out of a plane or take a ride in a hot air balloon. Get out of the cold and opt for a soothing spa treatment or massage.


This gift is an oldie but a goodie. Subscriptions remain to be a great present; a subscription can be anything these days. People have been giving subscriptions as gifts forever; now we have more options as new markets and businesses jump on board.

You could go for the typical magazine option, a Gourmet Traveller subscription, or any other magazine she may love. Now you can pre-pay for activities like yoga and Pilates. A subscription to Yoga and Pilates is an excellent and generous gift for your mum. If your mum wants to relax and stay out of the cold, consider something like Netflix or Kindle Unlimited. They allow your mum to watch or read to her heart’s content. Kindle Unlimited was recently released in Australia, costing only $13.99 a month for access to over 2 million books.

Algae Oil

Other than vegetable and olive oil, people don’t often take notice of the oil they purchase and use. These days it’s not uncommon to have a range of oils stacked in your cupboard ready for any situation or meal. Now we find a new oil that brings a world of versatility. Thirve Algae Oil is fast becoming the best oil on the market. Bringing healthy fats and a high smoke point.

Market research firm BrandSpark International carried out a 10,000-person survey, finding that algae oil, and specifically Thrive Algae Oil, is one of the best new products in 2017. Like vegetable oil, algae oil has a smoke point of 250 degrees Celsius. The neutral taste is perfect for roasting, sautéing and stir fries. The highlight of the oil is the health benefits. Boasting a lower saturated fat count that any other cooking oil, it’s already worth trying. This is the perfect gift for the keen chef and those hearty winter meals

Coffee machine

There is a good chance your mum is a coffee lover. When winter rolls around, your daily coffee becomes more than a pick me up, it’s there to warm you up too.  The reason why your coffee from home doesn’t live up to the cafes is pressure and temperature.

Breville has created the Club Oracle; it focuses on getting the water temperature just right. It controls the temperature of the espresso extraction in the same way as high-end commercial machines. Precise temperature control is the start of great tasting coffee. This is the perfect gift for those cold winter days.

Your mum will appreciate something she can use and enjoy over and over, especially if it’s keeping them warm during the winter!


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