Must have apps for IT Managers


Must have apps for IT Managers

With the increasing use of iPads & tablets allowing IT managers to go mobile, there’s also a growing list of apps that enable them to do so. Things that were once only possible from the desktop can now be carried out remotely from almost any location using tablets. There’s a whole range of apps that enable a range of responsibilities to be carried out, from common IT management tasks, to clients for on-premises and ‘Software as a Service’ IT infrastructure systems.

This allows IT managers to monitor their enterprise network, third-party cloud hosting and management and interacting with their backend help desk system all from their iPad. To help the IT managers out there, here are the top 5 iPad apps for IT managers:

IT Manager

IT Manager is a subscription-based app that allows you to use an iPad as an administration tool for local network or web services. It’s extremely comprehensive, providing a full range of common and specialised IT management tools in one app. The app keeps the interface clean and simple, allowing users to add only the tools they want to use on the app.

This flexible app has a range of consolidated tools which keep all the data IT managers will need in one handy place.

Citrix Receiver

For those going mobile from organisations standardised on Citrix products, you can’t go past Citrix Receiver. This app is a desktop virtualisation tool, which is great for those who want to run their work whilst they are mobile or on their own device. On top of providing managed Windows desktops and windows applications on iPads, IT managers can use Citrix receiver as a secure workplace, separating personal and business content.

Citrix Receiver is easily set up and simple to use, making it a great iPad app for desktop virtualisation.

ServiceDesk Plus

This IT help desk software has a great mobile interface. The app is great for managing backend help desk ticket requests from ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceDesk Plus On Demand systems.

The ServiceDesk Plus app allows IT managers to do everything in regards to requests, from viewing and creating to editing and deleting, all from their iPad.

1Password for iPad

With the numerous accounts, websites and devices which IT managers deal with on a daily basis, it can become difficult to remember everyone on the growing list. 1Password for iPad is a secure place to store and manage passwords. The app protects your password under one Master Password. 1Password has a range of features including syncing between iPad, iPhone and PC/Mac apps, a Strong Password Generator and detailed templates for entering database, login and server credentials.

Active Directory Assist

Active Directory Assist is perfect for IT managers looking to manage and carry out Active Directory (AD) tasks from their iPad. The app supports the entire range of AD tasks, from user and group management tasks, like password reset and moving users and groups to computer and contact management tasks, such as enable/disable computer accounts and move and delete contacts.

There’s also a host of reports which can be run from the app which include finding locked users and expiring accounts and passwords.

IT management can be a stressful job where professionals are always on call due to the constant switched-on nature of IT. Because of this, mobile apps for IT managers are becoming prominent in the industry allowing these professionals to work remotely at any time. This list of the top iPad apps shows the range of tasks IT managers can complete whilst they are mobile. If you’re an IT manager check them out and free yourself from the constraints of your desktop PC.


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