What Backpackers Send Home From Australia


What Backpackers Send Home From Australia


Backpacking can be a great way to travel for young people who are looking to keep costs down. The lack of luggage and luxury hotels means backpackers can travel for longer, see more and do more all on a budget. However, a problem lies in this way of travelling… what happens when the traveller acquires too much luggage?

Excess luggage can be a huge problem for backpackers. It will drive up costs at the airport, for example major airlines charge around AUD$175 for 5kg of Pre-Purchased Additional Baggage from Australia to the United Kingdom. That is a lot out of a young travellers’ pocket, however sometimes these things cannot be avoided. Thankfully, companies such as PACK & SEND can ship excess baggage to help backpackers avoid the expensive costs excess luggage can cause financial pain and inconvenience at the airport.

So, with that to ease the young backpackers mind, what things are most commonly sent back home from Australia by backpackers?

A large portion of what is sent overseas from Australia is food, usually in the form of “care packages”. Australia is home to a host of foods and snacks that are exclusively found Down Under. While backpackers are travelling through the country they are sure to come across some of these foods, and inevitably become obsessed with them. Who can go past the classics? Tim Tams, Shapes, Milo and even Vegemite are just some of the great Australian foods PACK & SEND often help ship. Backpackers will often send some home for friends, family or even for themselves upon their return.

However, it’s important to remember that depending on where food is sent, there are regulations that will have to be adhered to according to the countries Customs policies. Because of this, it is important to ensure all the correct documentation is present when shipping food as to make certain your package makes it to its final destination.

While clothes aren’t unique to Australia, seasons do change, and for backpackers who are travelling through the country for a long period of time, shipping some of their heavier bulky clothes home can be a good option. If you arrived during the Australian winter, and visited places such as Canberra, warm winter clothes would likely be needed. However, if you continued your travels up North towards the beginning of summer, those big heavy jackets would be completely pointless and a waste of precious space. This is just one situation where PACK & SEND could help you by shipping some of your unused clothes back home.

Finally, like in any tourist destination, backpackers in Australia purchase souvenirs to remember their trip by. Again, when travelling around with only a backpack, space is precious and it may be hard to fit one of even the smallest souvenirs in. Because of this, it can be a good idea to ship such items back home. Doing so means you have more room for the essentials on your travels, and it will also remain safe back in your home country while you continue your journey around Australia.

Australian souvenirs include a whole range of items which depend on the individuals interests and of course where they visit. We have covered the classics, Tim Tams and Vegemite, but Australia has some great beauty-type products that are commonly taken back home with travellers such as Lucas Pawpaw ointment and Emu moisturiser. Alternatively, for those interested in the native Aboriginal history of Australia, the iconic boomerang and didgeridoo cannot be forgotten.

There are also a couple of boots that are popular Aussie attire. For hiking or simply outside footwear, backpackers should definitely look at sending some R.M Williams boots home, sought after for their handcrafted leather. Alternatively, those looking for a more casual inside slipper-type boot, specifically for colder weather, the extremely popular and comfortable wool Ugg boots are a must.

These are just a few iconic Australian items locals and tourists love alike. Backpacking can be a great way to travel whilst on a low budget however carrying all these things around can be difficult and impractical. Don’t let that stop you from having some of the great things Australia has to offer! PACK & SEND can help ship all of your excess luggage home from Australia and have it waiting for you on your return home.


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