These items can't be bought in the UK, Though PACK & SEND can post them for you!


These items can't be bought in the UK, Though PACK & SEND can post them for you!

There’s a lot of Australian items that are exclusive to Australia. Tim Tams, Vegemite and BBQ Shapes - all delicious snacks that are limited to Australia, meaning friends and family in the UK are missing out on a lot of the good stuff. You may be able to find these items at a speciality stores, though lets be honest, you don't want to spend all day searching.

Sending gifts, hampers and care packages full of Aussie treats overseas can be a great gift, or a way to support a homesick loved one. However, with strict international customs laws and regulations, as well as taxes and duties to be paid, this can be a tricky affair. There are a lot things to be considered. Luckily, PACK & SEND are here to help.

Sending these items through PACK & SEND ensures they will be shipped correctly and quickly.

Here are the top Australian items that can’t be found in the UK that PACK & SEND can post for you.


Australian-made Chocolate is unique to Australia, it has a different taste, and much of it is found only here. So for those lucky people that have enjoyed a couple of Tim Tams, but are now living in the UK without them, a shipment of their favourite Aussie chocolates can be amazing.

The amount of unique, great tasting Australian chocolate is huge. We've already mentioned the classic Tim Tams, but the list goes on. From Cadbury we have Furry Friends, along with Caramello Koalas and Freddo Frogs. Then there's the chocolate bars, Cherry Ripe and Violet Crumble, along with biscuits like Mint Slice and Wagon Wheels, all of which are rare to come by in the UK.

Dairy Milk Chocolate is also different in Australia, it’s made with a few different ingredients and methods so it doesn’t melt in the Australian heat. We think this leaves it with a better taste, so your UK friends will probably be wanting some.

While all of these can’t be found in standard UK shops, with PACK & SEND, it’s easy to send them to your friends in the UK.


Vegemite is a great Australian classic, loved by just about the entire country, but, not so much elsewhere around the globe. Perhaps it’s because Australians know how to eat it. Thinly spread over white toast and butter. You wouldn’t want your family in the UK going vegemite-less at breakfast, would you?


For a simple sponge cake, covered in chocolate and coconut, we’re not so sure how this food is so popular, but every bakery in Australia sells lamingtons. These Australian cakes are sure to help your homesick friends in the UK.

BBQ Shapes

BBQ Shapes are the quintessential Australian lunchbox snack. That was before they ruined them with a flavour change. However, the original taste has returned! So, if your UK friends and family missed the original BBQ shapes, send them some of these to fill their lunch bags.

Burger Rings and Twisties are also exclusive to Aussie shelves, but why should your UK mates miss out on these too?

Australian Beer and Wine

Shipping wine and beer overseas can be a tricky business. Wines, beers and other liquor often require special permits to be shipped to other countries, as well as charges of import taxes and duty charges, which are calculated based on the value of the items.

But don't let that stop you sending over some of the great Australian wines and beers that they may be missing in the UK.  Although these can't be send via our online courier booking service, the team at your local PACK & SEND service centre will be able to assist.

Because wine and beer are in glass bottles, it goes without saying that the packaging must provide proper impact and drop protection for your bottles. If you're sending wine or alcohol along with other gift items, it's highly recommended you enclose each glass bottle in a water-tight outer pouch.  By doing this, you ensure that the other gifts wont get wet, stained or ruined if the a bottle gets broken within your parcel in transit.

To help avoid paying VAT taxes and Customs duties on your care package, there’s a couple of things you can do.

Firstly, keep the gift value under GBP £39 in total. This must be declared on the Customs Declaration. Make sure you're up to speed on the latest the UK Government Customs policies and requirements about sending Gifts to make sure you understand the rules and what you can and can’t send.

Secondly, make sure your package has all the correct documentation. Make it clear what is in the package, by itemising each item, and its value. Clearly mark that it is a gift for personal use.

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