7 Ways to Get Your Office Organised  


7 Ways to Get Your Office Organised  


Office management is a busy job, where organisation is key. Successful managers will understand a tidy office is important in creating an organised and productive office. Here are our top tips for you to get your office organised and humming like a fine-tuned machine.

  1. Make Rules!

People in the workplace can be bored, curious or are even trying to be helpful, but sometimes people moving things can cause chaos in an organised office. An easy way to keep things in the right places is to create rules and enforce them.

  1. Sometimes it’s easier to clean up after others

The office is a busy place with many complex relationships existing within. An organised manager doesn’t want to spend their precious time telling other people what to do and how to keep the office tidy. While it can be annoying cleaning up after others, and doing other people’s job, sometimes it is just easier.

  1. Stationery is Your Friend

Stationery can be very helpful in keeping an office space organised. Paper clips, staplers and folders are handy for keeping papers together. Pens and textas with a white board are great for making quick notes and brainstorming ideas. Stationery is also a fun way to add some colour to the workplace too!

  1. Have an Office Plan

Having a plan for the office is invaluable to having an organised space. Everything should have a place with proper storage. Here we are talking about filing cabinets, drawers, boxes and perhaps even a storage room. For papers that need to be held securely, a location off site can sometimes be helpful.

  1. Practicality is Key

Perfection might seem like a good idea, but a well organised office runs on practicality. Plan and put things where they need to be and are most useful. Everything should be tidy and easy to find and put back.

  1. Learn to Say No!

Your office doesn’t need a lot of “stuff”. Do you really need another table when the one you have is barely used? A second printer is hardly ever necessary. This goes for having a place for miscellaneous things too. That is just a place for clutter no one really uses to congregate.

  1. Detail

This is what we have been hinting at the entire time. Little details like colour coded stationery, a good plan, and not packing the office with too much. These things will all help towards creating an organised, tidy office, which will hopefully help boost productivity within the workplace.

That’s all we have! 7 great tips to help you organise your office. With a little bit of work, a plan, rules and some attention to detail, an organised office will be yours in no time!


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