Mackenzie St sends relief to Guatemala


Mackenzie St sends relief to Guatemala


On June 3, tragedy struck the nation of Guatemala when Volcán de Fuego erupted.  Lava flows engulfed nearby villages and ongoing eruptions and explosions caused rescuers and civilians to flee.  Tragically, hundreds of people were killed, 3100 people were evacuated, and 1.7 million people were affected.

With many survivors suffering serious burn injuries, Guatemalans living in Australia sprang into action, launching a Gofundme campaign to raise money to help their compatriots back at home. Within days they had raised thousands of dollars and had persuaded Melbourne pharmaceutical company Pharmachal Health Group to provide its revolutionary Nopayne lignocaine pain medicine at cost price.

The product uses lidocaine (one of the most widely-used pain medicines) as the main ingredient but instead of using injections, it is sprayed directly onto the skin of injured people so it works faster, longer and is safer to use than other pain products. World-renowned burns specialist Fiona Woods, Australian of the year in 2005, oversaw its development.

When it came to getting them shipped and delivered from Melbourne to Guatemala, they called upon the expert logistics experience of Travis and Tony of PACK & SEND Mackenzie Street.

To ensure swift, safe delivery, the team worked closely with our carrier partners to ensure that this ciritcal medicine could be delivered in the shortest amount of time.

If you wish to donate to Guatemala volcano eruption relief go to


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