Household Items you can sell for quick cash


Household Items you can sell for quick cash


Think of all the items around your house that are collecting dust. No doubt there are plenty of expensive, branded products that could put a bit of extra cash in your pocket. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Here are some household items you can sell online for some extra cash.


Children grow very quickly, so it’s natural for them to need new clothes often. Now you can sell off their old stuff. Clothes you or your partner no longer consider stylish but are still in excellent condition can also be sold. Try sell clothes with brand names; this increases the price you will get. Try to avoid selling items like T-shirts, unless they are a luxury brand or specialised piece. Shoes, jackets, and hats, all these items are perfect for resale. Selling clothes on eBay and Gumtree means you can ship items easily with companies like PACK & SEND.

Holiday decorations

Your family has grown out of putting up holiday decorations year after year. You want to cut down Christmas and Halloween decorations, half or more are no longer needed. Front door wreaths, nativity scenes, table items, or maybe some Christmas tree decorations. Each of these items can be sold for money online. Even if you want to upgrade or just want a change, eBay and Gumtree are great ways to get some quick cash to spend on newer decorations.

Sports equipment 

Sports equipment is perfect for selling on eBay and Gumtree. Items like surfboards or bikes are expensive brand new; people will always look for second-hand items that come at a lower cost. Often you can price your items a little lower for a quick sale. Think about seasonal items as well, skis and snowboards that might sit in storage for extended periods of time. Also, consider selling ski pants or jackets with the skis for a bit of extra money. Things like basketballs and basketball rings require little amounts of effort, just snap a photo, and people can determine if they want to buy it. Gumtree is a great platform for swapping items as well. If you have a new hobby and need new equipment, there may be somebody on Gumtree willing to trade.

Baby Gear

This applies to families with children that have grown out of their baby products. Baby products like prams, furniture, toys and clothes are expensive. Often new parents are on the lookout for products at discounted prices. If your old baby gear is in decent condition, people will buy it.  eBay and Gumtree and greats sites where you can sell items and build a reputation as an excellent vendor.


Is your garage full of tools that never get used? Maybe you have recently upgraded. Don’t let the tools collect dust. Tools can be worth a lot of money, especially power tools. Smaller tools like hammers and hand saws will still sell, however, power tools can get you substantially more. Have you moved to a new house and no longer need your lawn mower? Garden tools are also highly sought after.  Just make sure you do your research and see how much they are worth. You don’t want to sell them too cheap. If you are selling on behalf of a loved one, ask before selling! Tools are unlikely to be shipped around, try to sell them locally so you can have them picked up or dropped off.

Video games or gaming systems 

Children commonly outgrow gaming consoles. They will sell for a handsome price on eBay or Gumtree. Research other listings to see how much a console like a Nintendo Wii will sell for. Alternatively, just sell games that are not played anymore. Sell them in bulk or with console accessories to gain more money.  Games sell brand new from anywhere between $69 and $120, selling them second hand will be worth your time. Selling old games on eBay and Gumtree is the best option, reselling to retail stores will get you limited return.

Household items can build up quickly, filling your house with clutter and unused items. This was our list of the best selling household items which you to can sell and earn some cash!


Add the convenience of shipping for customers who want to buy your household items but are unable to pick it up themselves.  No matter how big or small the item, PACK & SEND has a simple, convenient shipping solution.  We can even help you pack it! Good luck finding another courier company willing to do that ;)

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