6 Rules Aspiring Events Managers Should Follow


6 Rules Aspiring Events Managers Should Follow


Planning an event can be difficult. You may have a lot of people to coordinate, many things to organise and deadlines to reach. Therefore, it's no surprise how stressful event management can be.

So, whether you’re planning a huge event with 500 plus attendees or a small business meeting between executives, we have some great tips to help meet those stressful demands.


For an event manager, networking can be more critical to success than in other professional roles.  Networking is crucial to making working relationships and creating connections to aid you in your role and the business you work for.

Networking events are often held in most major cities full of like-minded people trying to further their careers and make connections similar to you. Search for the best ones that suit you and your needs. Look for guest speakers, sponsors and certain itineraries that will draw a crowd who you feel you would like to connect with.

Don’t be scared to follow through after meeting people. Hand out business cards so you can be reached as well. The use of LinkedIn makes networking a breeze so put yourself in the best position by updating your profile and making it look professional.

Be innovative

The event business is a heavily saturated market with event managers popping up in every major city so it is important to stay ahead, or at least keep up with the game. Innovation is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors. There are plenty of industry blogs, magazines and books that have relevant information and can be of great value to you and your events. Use new trends and the techniques you have gained from experience to optimise your performance.

Incorporating technology has allowed for new experiences for event management and attendees. Embrace technology, don’t fight new trends. Social media and hashtags are a great example of the use of technology in events. Get your event trending online through creating your own hashtags, create online followings or simply use online surveys and polls.


Without a doubt, event managers need amazing organisational and multitasking skills, as well as having great time management to plan a successful event.

To capitalise on these skills, managers need to trust their team. There is, after all, no ‘I’ in team. Micromanaging is usually a waste of time and will get you nowhere. Give clear orders to your team and get on with your own tasks. Creating a strong team environment is crucial, as is having everyone on the same page. Using a project timeline can be a helpful way to carry this out.

Attend events

Attend events as an attendee. Question why they have done certain things and how you might do it differently. Get ideas and look at the event from a different perspective. Try to enjoy the event for what it is rather than being the one who is working hard to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Practice, practice, practice!

Like with most things, repetition will make you better. Practice makes perfect. To become the best Event Professional you can be, take up every opportunity you think will make a meaningful impact on your career. This might mean volunteering or running your own event. The more you use your skills in new, different and varied ways, the more experience you will gain. Every event is different, so having lots of experience to draw upon is greatly helpful.


Reflection is a great way to get better at event management. Discuss the event with your team and client and talk about what went well, what needed to be better, and what you can do next time. Take on the compliments and accept criticisms in a constructive way. No matter how well or horrible the event went, reflection is key to constant improvement.

Event management is a challenging but rewarding career. Remember to Network extensively, practice relentlessly, and constantly reflect. By acting on each of these 6 rules, you will be well on the way to planning great, memorable events.


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