Going on a holiday? Check out these clever tips to ensure you aren't caught out by excess baggage fees!


Going on a holiday? Check out these clever tips to ensure you aren't caught out by excess baggage fees!

We all know that feeling... you’re waiting in line at the airport check-in desk and your luggage is over the weight allowance. As the queue gets shorter the anxiety increases... the temperature seems to rise as you strain to casually fling your swollen suitcase onto the scales. Your eyes are glued to that little digital display, as the numbers flick higher and higher. You flash a smile at the attendant and hope they let this pass. They don’t. Your baggage is whacked with an ‘overweight’ sticker and you’re whacked with an excessive fee. Great start to your trip right?! 

What if it didn’t have to be this way?! We understand your baggage woes, so have put together our top tips to help you evade those pesky excess baggage fees next time you fly, saving you time and money!

Check Your Airlines Baggage Policy! It seems like the simplest of tips – but you’d be surprised how often people don’t check what their luggage allowance is! It is also advisable to check the charges for excess baggage prior to traveling so that the charges can be factored in to the holiday budget. This way you can also look into alternative options – such as sending items ahead of time, which may well be significantly cheaper and less stressful.  

Plan Ahead, Send Ahead – More often than not, sending luggage first using a courier service is more cost efficient than checking in and paying for extra luggage. Check out PACK & SEND to send your excesss baggage to domestic and international locations.

Shop Smart – Don’t curb your spending just because of your limited luggage allowance and fear of excess baggage costs – courier the items home so they are waiting for you on your arrival.

Traveling Across-Seasons? If you are planning an extended trip which crosses seasons, don’t fret about having to pack your winter essentials along with your summer favourites – simply pack one season’s clothes away, let PACK & SEND store them and get them couriered at a later date to an address of your choice when you need them. This can include anything you might need from golf clubs to surf boards and pushchairs!

Let us take the load off you this holiday! 


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