Best Moving Service for International Students


Best Moving Service for International Students



When uni's over and it’s time to head back home…

Which courier company should you choose? Which offers the best rates to your destination? Should you use air or sea freight? Uni’s finally finished so you shouldnt have to waste your time doing more research! Leave it to PACK & SEND - we have the expertise to choose the best shipping solution and carrier for your needs. This is because PACK & SEND works with all the top freight carrier brands and has access to a variety of services to customise solutions for you.

Whether you’re an exchange student who’s been here for 6 months or an international student who’s been here for a few years, no worries - we’ll be able to send as much or as little stuff as you have, to anywhere in the world!

We know it’s not easy to manage an international move on a student budget, and that’s why we have flexible solutions to suit each budget. For example, choose sea freight to transport large amounts of goods that aren’t time sensitive, or air freight for more urgent deliveries. You’ll be able to customise your choices and mix and match between different services! You may also consolidate your goods with another student to save money!

Moving home is an overwhelming period where you have to bid farewell to the friends you’ve made during your time here. Spend the little time you have left in Australia with your mates… this is valuable time you may never be able to get back! Leave the tedious process of packing to us and let us help you take away the stress of the big move back home.

Getting rid of used furniture and selling your home appliances before your lease ends? We’ll help to pack and deliver your bulky or fragile items to their new owner!

Did you know packing boxes for international shipping has different requirements compared to just packing for a local move? International freight involves a lot of handling as it is loaded and unloaded multiple times along its journey. It requires a high standard of packing to mitigate the risk of damage. Luckily for you, we have professional packers to ensure your items get to their destination safe and sound.

We know you’re busy attending farewell gatherings and social engagements between classes and trying to pack and move all at the same time. That’s why we have flexible schedules to accommodate your needs. We can personally come to your door and organise pick-ups and deliveries according to your convenience. Alternatively, we’re also easily accessible with 98 Service Centres across Australia.

Did you know there’s a whole lot of customs information you need to know before sending anything internationally by freight? If you get this wrong, your goods might be held up at ports and their delivery will be delayed. We’re sure you’ve done enough research and writing by now so let us do the paperwork for you! We’ve got the relevant and updated knowledge to navigate tricky customs clearance and manage international freight documentation.

We also offer other value-added services such as:

  • Track and Trace: For peace of mind, we’ll track your consignment all the way and provide proof of delivery.
  • Warranty: You have the option to get cover for any loss or damage.
  • Excess baggage: If your luggage is overweight, we can deliver your excess baggage at a cheaper rate than your airline or the airport.
  • Storage facilities: Do you have to evacuate your dorm or has your lease ended before your departure date? PACK & SEND can keep your belongings in the meantime. Whether you want to keep your stuff for a few days or a few months while you travel around Australia, we’ve got you sorted!


Hear what students and parents have to say about their personal experiences with PACK & SEND…

I was selling some of my old furniture on eBay since I had completed my studies in Melbourne and had to return to my country very soon. I sold 3 pieces of bulky furniture to another international student who had just moved into a new home. He needed his furniture urgently as Uni was starting that week. Kai and his team at PACK & SEND South Melbourne delivered the items very quickly. The buyer was delighted to receive everything yesterday and was surprised at the short waiting period. Kai and his team did a perfect job with the packing, and I was so relieved that my furniture arrived without any scratches or damages. This service is excellent and the team carried out their jobs very responsibly. 10/10 would recommend!

- Lucy Wang


Thank you to Kieran and the team at PACK & SEND Chermside! Great customer service! Your positive response to our short notice looking for someone to transport extra boxes for our daughter moving back to Brisbane (QLD) from Uni in Lismore (NSW) was very much appreciated. Requested on Thursday afternoon, picked up in Lismore by a friendly courier on Friday, and was available for collection in Brisbane on Monday! Pleasant and professional service throughout the process. Thank you!

- Rosemary Haworth


I highly recommend using PACK & SEND Burwood Village and, in particular, the services of Mr. Sam Toh. My son recently moved back to Singapore after spending more than 3 years at Deakin University in Melbourne. Sam’s services were impeccable from the get go. He practically assisted us in arranging everything from pick-up of personal effects, clearing customs and ensuring everything arrived back in Singapore as requested. Sam even took the initiative to keep in touch with me throughout the whole process. I’d rate his services and his personal attention 10 stars. Anyone planning to relocate into or out of Australia, call Sam. Trust me.

- Tomas Tempestt


I was on a university exchange in London and needed more clothes from home. My mum went to PACK & SEND Burwood Village to drop off a suitcase of my clothes to be sent to my hostel in London. It arrived exactly when Sam said it would and everything was safe and secure. Sam kept me updated the whole time so I never had to worry. It was excellent! Will definitely use PACK & SEND Burwood Village again!

- Charlotte Hawkins

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