Best Courier Service for Critical and Urgent Delivery Needs


Best Courier Service for Critical and Urgent Delivery Needs

Sending something security sensitive, highly valuable, or something that absolutely positively has to be delivered by a specific time?  No worries! PACK & SEND has a whole range of services for that -

Introducing CRITICAL - our top-tier service category!


While our PRIORITY service options offer very fast and reliable delivery, our CRITICAL services offer the ultimate in speed of delivery, with options as rapid as next available flight - whether you are sending across Australia or to an international destination.

PACK & SEND is Australia's leading parcel courier and freight reseller. What than means for customers is we are one of the biggest buyers of courier & freight services in Australia.  This enables us to buy the services of all the top parcel and freight carrier brands at discounted wholesale rates, and offer them to our customers at extrememly competitive prices.

Because we can offer our customers the full spectrum of CRITICAL services from each of the top freight brands, it means we can tailor the service you receive to your exacting needs, rather than being bound to the strengths and limitations of any one carrier.

For sending within Australia we can offer a CRITICAL service which provides the fastest and highest priority service from the moment of pick-up right to the point of delivery.

With this service you can send almost anything, including high value jewellery or even cash, which are typically prohibited to send by courier services.

This specialised service ensures that your package is monitored every step of the way. If you wish, we can even keep you informed of exactly where your package is and who it is with, at any given time.

PACK & SEND's CRITICAL services are truly the ultimate courier services that money can buy.  To book or find out more about how we can help you with all your critical courier service needs, just give us a call on 1300 668 000 or pop into your nearest Service Centre. 

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