How do you get a giraffe into a box?


How do you get a giraffe into a box?

Nope, this isn't a riddle.... but a real question Dianne and Peter from PACK & SEND Belconnen had to answer!

At 180 cm (5”11), it is not very often that Dianne from PACK & SEND Belconnen is made to feel short...

But these two beautiful Giraffes have done just that!



These lovely wooden sculptures, purchased by a customer from Jamala Lodge at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, needed to be packed and sent to Cairns, 2,500 kilometres away.

The team at PACK & SEND Belconnen stepped up to the challenge of packing these large and fragile sculptures by creating two custom-made reinforced cardboard crates!

Check out the packing process below...


Reinforcing inside the box





Peter making the custom boxes



The giraffes safe and secure, ready to embark on their 2,500 km journey!



At PACK & SEND, there are no limits to what we can do. We're experts at packing anything and everything, and will send it anywhere in the world for you!

Hop onto to see what we can do for you today!


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