6 Conference Room Essentials


6 Conference Room Essentials

Conference RoomA conference room is essential, even for a smaller company. A physical space where your team can come together to discuss ideas or face clients will add that extra level of sophistication to your business.

A meeting space should be comfortable so don’t create a space that staff don’t enjoy being in. This should be a room where work can get done. Creating a combination of work and play in your meeting space is often a very good idea.  Here are our 6 conference room essentials.


A monitor or TV is one of the first things you want in your conference room. Try to mount your new screen on the wall; you want it visible from all angles of the room. Ensure your monitor has relevant connections: an HDMI cord will connect most laptops to the monitor. Try to keep all cords and cables neat and out of site. Alternatively, go wireless and bring Apple TV, Airplay or even Google Chromecast to mirror images onto the screen.

Work out what the entire team will benefit from. Do you all use the same computer and connections?  Will your monitor or TV be used for other purposes? You may want something more high-tech or state of the art. HD projectors can be a good idea if you want a larger image, but ensure it has the right lighting.

Wi-Fi Network Name and Password

Wi-Fi is expected throughout any space, let alone a conference room. Post up the Wi-Fi name and password in a visible location in the meeting room. When you're meeting clients or others from outside the office, don’t waste their time having to ask for the Wi-Fi name and password. Have the name and password in clear writing. You don’t want to spend 5 minutes working out passwords, even spelling it out for them. Any form of sign will do. Remember, passwords may change, so don’t make this sign permanent.

You also want a router in the room. If that’s not possible, position it just outside the room. Mounting routers on the roof or under the table is an excellent way to get a great connection without the router being visible.

Table and Chairs

Obviously, a table is critical. Choosing the right table, in terms of size and style can make a real difference. Consider whether you have room for a long table, or do you need a smaller round table.

Try to match your chairs with your table. Also, consider how long you will be in the chairs. Meetings can run 10 minutes or a full day. Spending extra on luxury seats will mean they look good and feel even better. Ergonomic, stylish chairs will add value to your conference room.


A whiteboard may seem a little old school. However, if there is a low-cost item that can help keep efficiency up, why not? If you like the idea of a whiteboard but consider it an eye sore, how about using glass walls or doors. This could be a simple and cost effective alternative to a traditional looking whiteboard.

If you don’t have glass walls, purchase a glass table for the room. Do some research and find which markers are best for glass.

Images and Artwork

Personality! You give your kitchen or other ‘meeting places’ in your home personality, so don’t keep your conference room dull and bare. Images and artwork are the best way to spruce up an area. It could be relevant to your business or act as a motivator. Take ideas from your team to see what inspires them.

You want to make a statement with your décor and artwork. Depending on your budget, you could employ an artist to create a custom work for your space. Images of old logos or workspaces act as a reminder of how far the business has come.

Rubbish Bin

Every meeting room needs a rubbish bin. The presence of a rubbish bin will encourage others to clean up after themselves.  Plain and simple.


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