5 Awesome Gifts for Tech Lovers


5 Awesome Gifts for Tech Lovers

Gifts For Tech LoversThe hardest part of getting a gift for a tech lover is that they're always the first to get the latest and greatest. So, what can you get that your tech lover doesn't already have? Here are five great gift ideas to start you on your way.

Foldable Keyboard

Has your tech lover complained about their working environment? Maybe they're time poor and want to squeeze in some extra work on their long morning commute? Products such as the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard will give them the opportunity to make the most of their idle time.

A foldable, rechargeable keyboard is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows tablets and will allow the flexibility to easily work out of the office. Full Bluetooth capability adds to the great freedom these keyboards provide.

Bluetooth Tech

With the improvement of Bluetooth the market has expanded making way for new branches of this technology. The category of Bluetooth locks is becoming more prominent with both indoor and outdoor versions available. Masterlock Bluetooth locks are at the forefront of the industry.

This may seem expensive, but this new technology comes at a very reasonable price. You might think, what is the point? Electronic locks are already seen throughout corporate enterprises. First, they are decent, sturdy locks, and secondly, sharing access with several smartphone owners is vastly better than trying to handle and maintain keys, key cards or other forms of duplicated keys. This is cool technology that can also be used to keep your snacks safe at work or valuables locked up at home.

GPS pet tracker

Technology is making its way into all facets of life which also involves animals and pets. If your tech lover is a dog owner, you can give them the ability to track their pooch on the screen of their phone. The Whistle is a device that attaches to a dog’s collar, allowing them to be tracked. You can get real-time alerts if your dog leaves the home area. This product is a durable device as well. It is designed to handle wet weather and your dog’s general day-to-day activities.

Better Wi-Fi

To a non-tech head, better Wi-Fi may seem like a boring gift. However, the IT lover knows there is nothing worse than bad Wi-Fi.

Whatever your tech lover is into, gaming, streaming, video chatting or uploading videos, they need an excellent Wi-Fi channel. Wi-Fi channels are often crowded with other signals and devices, creating an environment that is terrible for using the internet to its full capabilities. Although a cheep Wi-Fi repeater can aid your situation, they also eat half the bandwidth. So, what can you turn to?

There is now one device that is a must have for tech heads. Google's new and heavily talked about OnHub Wi-Fi router, considered to be the future. This router doubles the number of antennas typically found on Wi-Fi boxes and might be able to penetrate signal through walls in the home or office. It’s configured easily with a smart iOS or Android application.

Another option is Apple’s Airport family of Wi-Fi devices. They are perfect for big homes or offices with lots of thick walls and a large number of devices. It’s easy to set up, just download the Airport Utility App. Compared to poorly coded web interfaces used by other routers, this is far more secure.

Go paperless

If you're after a gift for a tech/environment geek, consider a scanning app or portable scanning gadget.  Poor organisation and environmental abuse can be alleviated all in one. Now the process of scanning is even easier than ever before with portable scanners and phone cameras that double as scanners.

Apps like Genius Scan give the ability to import PDFs, automatic uploads and add capacity to save to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. And all for under $10! The dream of a paperless future in the home and office is just around the corner and you could be contribute to making it happen.

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