5 Actions a Successful Marketing Manager Does Every Day


5 Actions a Successful Marketing Manager Does Every Day

Marketing managers are in important roles with a lot of responsibilities and tasks to handle each and every day. With so much to do, there are certain habits a person can form to help ensure they get through the day efficiently and effectively. Here’s what a successful marketing manager should be doing every day:


A plan is essential to success, therefore, the first thing a successful marketing manager does every day is make a plan. What needs to be done today, what is a must-do, what can be delegated, and what can be scheduled for later? Starting off with a checklist of all your tasks is a great way to keep on top of things.

However, simply listing what needs to be done isn’t going to help with efficiency, things will likely be left undone. Prioritise what is crucial, and what is not so important, evaluate the consequences that might occur if something isn’t finished by the end of the day.

Keep Tabs

Keeping tabs on important areas of marketing efforts helps ensure that the marketing manager is the first to know if somethings working or not or if something needs changing or adjusting and so on. Doing so allows a fluid and flexible approach to the situation and can help a marketing manager have a more responsive and adjustable team. Staying in the know stops things unexpectedly creeping up, something which is not so uncommon in a fast paced, agile industry.

We recommend keeping tabs on the following areas:

  • Brand mentions (both in online news and social media)
  • Industry trends
  • Breaking news
  • Early signs of developing crisis
  • Moves your competitors are making

 Revise Strategy

While a marketing managers goal will likely remain consistent, the strategy to reaching such a goal will often change, and should be seen as evolving and dynamic. The information marketing managers get from keeping tabs, such as those mentioned above, can be used to influence strategy and make for a more effective plan.

Create engagement

Obviously, engagement is a top priority for any marketing manager so daily brand promotion is important. Sharing content, publishing a daily blog and circulating press coverage internally all help to create a constant buzz around the brand.

Get Pumped Up!

Whether it’s an extra shot of coffee, a gym session, or listening to some hard-rock marketing managers need to get pumped and fuel themselves to get through the day. The role of a marketing manager can be busy and unpredictable as the media is constantly switched on and constantly changing. This means marketing managers themselves need to be constantly switched on and ready to take on the day.


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