What we've been packing and sending...


What we've been packing and sending...

An average day in a PACK & SEND Service Centre sees hundreds of items packed and sent around Australia and other parts of the world. However these items are not always your everyday, average objects...

PACK & SEND is regularly enlisted to successfully and safely pack and send unusual objects varying from the delicate and valuable, to the large and bulky. We’ve taken a look back over the past couple of months to pick out some of our favourite jobs, which saw our trained specialists put their expert packing skills to the test as they developed brand new methods of packing to suit these very objects.

A favourite was definitely the arrival of this 6ft teddy, to be transported from PACK & SEND Belconnen. Ted was (reluctantly!) packed away in to a custom-made box ready for safe (and cosy) transportation.


This gorgeous antique French stool was snagged on eBay by one lucky customer and PACK & SEND Hawthorn was tasked with the job of carefully wrapping, packing and delivering it to the proud new owner.


We stepped back in time to help transport this 1880s ‘Furphy Tank’ water car; an item commonly found in military camps across Australia during World War I, providing much needed water to the troops. PACK & SEND Flinders St transported this tank from Melbourne to the UK.


Precision, perfection, polka-dots! PACK & SEND Crows Nest had the fun task of professionally packaging this delicate piece of artwork…now that’s a challenge!


 The tailored approaches and processes that go into packing and sending each of these unique items reflect the ever-changing nature of an "average" day at PACK & SEND! Our customers trust us to get their precious goods safely delivered to their destination. At PACK & SEND we are committed to sending anything, anywhere! With over 20 years experience, we have trained specialists who will personally pack your items no matter what they are, using their professional knoweldge to select the most appropriate packaging from a wide range of resources.

 So why not bring in your delicate, obscure or just down-right awkward items for us to pack and send today!

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