15 Top Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia Ranked & Analysed


15 Top Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia Ranked & Analysed

Australia is slowly becoming the epicentre of eCommerce activity across the globe. The top 5 online stores in Australia account for 31% of the total sales of the top 100 online stores globally in 2020.

This number is only going to rise with over 89% of Australians actively using the internet on a day-to-day basis for shopping and other activities. 

If you’re still wondering why you should think about dropshipping in Australia, here are a few solid reasons that should convince you.

Dropshipping in Australia

So you've made the decision to establish a dropshipping company. Awesome! What do you do now?

Your dropshipping business would be impossible to run without a supplier, therefore the first step is to find one.

Finding a dropshipping provider might be difficult due to the extensive number of options available.

Choosing the wrong supplier might result in unanticipated delays, customer complaints about substandard items, profit loss, or investment in a firm that appears doomed from the start.

In case you find the most amazing supplier in terms of products but are concerned about the order fulfilment part, you can look into hiring a third-party logistics (3PL) service provider to handle that part meticulously for you.

Anyhow, you have to make this integral decision carefully with a lot of consideration.

This blog will go over a few factors to consider when shortlisting suppliers and choose which one to use to start your dropshipping business.

How to Identify a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier

You must start your dropshipping project on the right note. And your supplier is going to play a key role in making sure that it happens that way. 

Put it simply, your dropshipping supplier can be pivotal for the success of your e-store. It’s not that you can’t change the supplier later.

But if you partner with the wrong supplier, it becomes difficult to recover from the damages caused by initial blunders.

So you don’t want to rush the process of selecting a dropshipping supplier, and instead, research thoroughly before choosing one.

Here’s what you should look at.



Your supplier’s location has a long-term and recurring effect on order fulfilment time. 

Ideally, you should pick the suppliers that are closest to the region of your target customers.

So if your audience is Australians, it makes perfect sense to find a local supplier in Australia.

Well, that’s pretty much why we’ve curated this guide — to help you choose the right dropshipping suppliers in Australia.

That said, choosing a local supplier not only helps with fast deliveries but also makes your reverse logistics quicker.


Here you need to look at two factors.

First, you need to focus on the quality of the products. The best dropshipping suppliers in Australia will never compromise on this aspect.

After all, the quality of the products you sell is what will keep the customers coming back to your store.

Secondly, look out for the diversity of the products. A wider range of products will offer more options to the existing customers and bring in new customers. This factor proves to be useful when you are thinking about scaling your business.


Next, you should consider the pricing plans when choosing the dropshipping suppliers.

Some of the suppliers do not charge any fee, while others may have a one-time payment or a recurring subscription cost.

We have mentioned the pricing plans for the reliable suppliers in the exhaustive list of suppliers below.

This will help you identify the most suitable suppliers that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Order Turnaround Time

When seeking a reliable dropshipping supplier, the order turnaround time matters a lot.

You need to check how fast they process your orders. Ideally, you want to collaborate with a supplier with one-day processing in place.

Also, keep the shipping times in mind. These can vary based on the supplier's location and the modes of delivery. You can usually find these details on their website.

You can also opt for a 3PL service in case you want to expedite the shipping of your products.

Customer Service

A 24/7 customer service is another important feature that makes for a dependable dropshipping supplier.

You need to find out about their response time to your queries. Scan their FAQ pages thoroughly for advice on suitable shipping methods and their refund policies in advance.

It would also be wise to discuss their action plan in case of technical difficulties or any other inevitable problems that might occur in the future, at this point.

System Integrations

Finally, you have to check if the supplier is compatible with your eCommerce website and Content Management System (CMS).

Seamless integration helps you keep track of the stock. This happens through an auto-updated inventory that reflects on your system.

Not only that, but it will also enable you to stay on top of the order processing and fulfilment operations.

Now, let’s take a look at the 15 best dropshipping suppliers that tick these boxes.

15 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia


1. AliDropship

Let’s kickstart this list with one of the most popular dropshipping suppliers — AliDropship. They offer a wide array of services like custom and premium stores. In addition to that, they offer a plugin that can smoothly integrate with WooCommerce, WordPress, and Shopify apps.

AliDropship happens to be the go-to dropshipping supplier for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

This is because you get a holistic online store with a one-time payment at quite a reasonable cost.


Key features

  • Unlimited choice from over 100 million products available on AliExpress
  • Ability to add and edit product descriptions, photos, and videos
  • Easy to import product reviews from AliExpress
  • Customisable mobile-friendly themes as per your need
  • Multiple payment options like PayPal, Stripe, and more
  • Free personal support and updates for all the services


  • One-time payment plans with no hidden fees
  • Automated order updating and tracking system
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Unlimited variety of dropshipping products
  • SEO product tags improve the visibility of your store


  • Most imported products need to be edited
  • Only forum-based support
  • Lacks free trials
  • On the expensive side for beginners


You can purchase the plugin for $89. Custom stores come in three different packages that cost $299, $499, and $899. The advanced packages include better promotion across various social media platforms and promo videos.

Contact details:

Email address: support@alidropship.com

Phone number: +1 323 739 5659

2. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping happens to be the next best dropshipping supplier in Australia. The main reason behind the success of this platform is local warehouses in all the countries.

You can browse the numerous options and choose dropshipping products from the Australian warehouses.

You can also source the desired products from the international catalogues through a simple request. They remain widely popular and fulfil over a million orders a month through integrations with eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, and Shopee.

Many dropshippers consider this platform to be the ideal mix of features from Oberlo and AliExpress.


Key features:

  • Cost-free application and accessible platform
  • Meticulous quality checks for every item
  • Custom packaging options with logos and branding
  • Print-on-demand option for selling custom products
  • Automatic invoicing and inbuilt shipping cost calculator
  • One-on-one assistance and direct contact with a support agent


  • Run the entire store through the mobile app
  • Most products come with a descriptive video
  • Merge or split orders as per your requirements
  • Vast resources on CJ Academy to learn dropshipping


  • Irksome loading icon for every action or step
  • Relatively slow customer service as per reviews
  • Cluttered interface with an overwhelming amount of information


As mentioned earlier, CJdropshipping is a free dropshipping supplier! While there are no setup or maintenance charges, you may have to pay for some additional services.

These are optional solutions like custom packaging and print-on-demand solutions.

Contact details:

Email address: support@cjdropshipping.com

Phone number: +86 180 6762 7100

3. Ozdingo

Ozdingo is a well-known Aussie marketplace owned by a family based in Brisbane. However, this also makes for one of the most used Australian dropshipping suppliers. 

The marketplace has blossomed into a favourite amongst resellers and shoppers recently. They have over 5000 raving reviews and a star rating of 4.8!

Ozdingo has expanded its range of products and houses around 8000 SKUs all over Australia.

This means you can dropship a large array of products from Australian suppliers that are stored and stocked locally. 


Key features:

  • Find products across varied categories like home decor, sports, fitness, and fashion
  • Locally sourced products with quality certifications
  • Quick shipping services and one-day delivery in Australia
  • Best prices that allow the possibility of higher markup


  • Free shipping in Australia
  • Order tracking with DHL Express
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for returns in Australia
  • The wholesale model helps handle bulk orders with ease


  • Difficult to use for inexperienced dropshippers
  • The target audience can choose to buy the same products from their public marketplace
  • Lack of integration with your eCommerce store


Ozdingo falls in the free dropshipping supplier's category. You do not have to pay any fee to avail their dropshipping services.

Contact details:

Email address: info@ozdingo.com.au

Phone number: +61 7 3194 9289

4. SaleHoo

Moving on to the next best dropshipping supplier on the list, SaleHoo. They have established a name in the dropshipping game with an extensive directory of suppliers and essentially act as a database. 

SaleHoo is the perfect solution for scammers in this industry. Every supplier on this list has been tested and audited by their team which makes them all the more reliable.

Let’s have a look at how it helps eliminate the frustration and lost resources by connecting you to actual vendors online.


Key Features:

  • An irresistible list of products and suppliers. You gain access to over 2.5 million products, that too of crowd-favourite brands like Lego, Disney, Sony, and Adidas.
  • Thoroughly verified list of suppliers who undergo strict scrutiny for counterfeit items and fraudulent activities
  • 60 days money-back guarantee on all the sales, no questions asked.
  • A  formidable research tool called Market Research Labs for finding trending products with a high-profit margin.


  • Easy to source products from international suppliers
  • Substantially low minimum order value
  • Over 70% of suppliers require minimal investment
  • SaleHoo Educate feature provides expert advice on dropshipping
  • Top-notch customer service that never fails their clients


  • The monthly cost may be a limitation for beginners in the business
  • It would be great if they could expand the number of branded products on their list


SaleHoo Dropshipping has a subscription-based model. You can avail the basic plan which allows 1 sub-user account for $27 per month. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to their premium plan which allows 3 sub-user accounts and offers other perks, for $97 per month.

Contact details:

Email address: support@salehoo.com

Phone number: +1 213 839 6836

5. BrandsGateway

If you are talking about dropshipping branded items, BrandsGateway has to be the most popular designer clothing dropshipping supplier.

It is the world’s largest B2B marketplace for luxury items. The Europe-based company ships unique eccentric clothes all over the map.

They can be the perfect dropshipping supplier if you are experienced and ready to sell high-value items in Australia.

Key features:

  • Browse products from Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Balmain, Armani, and many more brands
  • Integrate the dropshipping supplier with Wix, Shopify, Shift4Shop, and WooCommerce easily
  • Complete authenticity assurance for the products with all the necessary paperwork


  • Impeccable customer support that responds within 24 hours
  • Flexible return policies
  • Brainstorming sessions with marketing experts
  • Insanely high discounts (70-80%) for dropshippers



  • Shipping can be quite tedious and slow at times
  • Limited inventory which some users find outdated
  • Can be difficult and costly until you locate the right target audience


You can choose to collaborate with BrandsGateway on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. It will cost AU$446, AU$298, or AU$213 per month respectively.


Contact details:

Email address: support@brandsgateway.com

Phone number: +46 (0) 73 7711 698, +1 844 235 2328

6. Oberlo

Oberlo has been one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia for quite some time now. It was the platform that bridged the gap between Shopify and AliExpress.

Oberlo connects you directly to AliExpress. The modern interface allows you to find profitable products and add them to your Shopify store in an instant.

It also automates the product sources, supplier vetting, and store management which makes every dropshipper’s life easier.

Key features:

  • The ePacket filter allows the shipping of only products that have the fastest delivery
  • Easy to edit product descriptions, images, and titles of the products
  • Track sales statistics conveniently through intuitive costs and a sales dashboard
  • Available in multiple languages to cater to a global audience


  • One-month free trial and commendable free package
  • Automated order fulfilment, processing, and tracking at all times
  • Switch between numerous suppliers to select the one offering the maximum value
  • Handle multiple wishlists and import items straight from the seller
  • Ability to create pricing rules for different products and price all products in bulk


  • The dropshipping supplier is not compatible with any eCommerce platform except Shopify
  • Oberlo does not accept returns and provides refunds only on certain conditions
  • No telephone line for customer support


If you are a beginner at dropshipping you can choose the Starter pack that provides all the important features for free. The platform also offers Basic and Pro plans that cost $29.90 per month and $79.90 per month, respectively. 

Contact details:

Email address: hello@oberlo.com

Phone number: --

7. Spocket

Moving on from Oberlo, we have another Shopify dropshipping supplier making the list — Spocket. They are relatively new in the business and can be integrated with your WooCommerce, Wix, and BigCommerce stores as well.

The fact that they provide access to suppliers from the USA, EU, Australia, and New Zealand makes them a noteworthy tool for your dropshipping business.

The marketplace is the best dropshipping supplier as it only accepts suppliers who can satisfy its strict requirements on multiple parameters.

Some of the criteria that the suppliers are judged on include product availability, quality, Supplying capability, credentials, and pricing. Let’s look at the few key features of this marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Rapid shipping and delivery that eliminates long wait times
  • Custom invoicing with personalised notes that help promote your brands
  • Procure samples from suppliers with ease to test the speed of delivery and product quality


  • Your inventory is synced with your store and updated in real-time
  • Pay the supplier only when the customer buys the product
  • Hefty profit margins due to 30-40% discounts on products
  • Markup Tool helps set the pricing of your products


  • You cannot customise product descriptions and details automatically
  • The “free” plan only lets you browse through the products and not sell them effectively
  • Need to expand their range and quantity of products according to some reviews


You can choose any of the plans from the spread according to the features required for your dropshipping business. Apart from the free pack, the starter, pre, and empire pack cost $24.99, $49.99, and $99.99 respectively.


Contact details:

Email address: support@spocket.co

Phone number: --

8. Syncee

Syncee has been around since 2015 and proves to be quite an innovative dropshipping supplier. It also serves as an automation platform that enables users to establish an efficient and scalable dropshipping enterprise from scratch.

It has become the go-to dropshipping supplier in Australia as it is a very low-cost platform with a free plan as well.  This makes it perfect for eCommerce newbies with a small budget.


Key features:

  • Access millions of products from over 300 suppliers across Australia and other countries
  • Compatible with a multitude of eCommerce platforms including Shopify and Wix
  • List, process, and fulfil orders through the all-in-one dashboard
  • Obtain daily stock and price updates with automated inventory management


  • List up to 25 products and take unlimited orders through their free package
  • Get in touch with the suppliers directly through the inbuilt chat feature
  • Search for local suppliers in your country through amazing filters


  • Returns and refunds need to be scheduled separately with suppliers
  • Does not offer a bulk listing tool
  • More suited for niche dropshippers due to the lack of a huge catalogue of generic products.


Syncee has four different pricing plans. First is for free, then comes the basic, pro, and business packages that cost $29, $79, and $129 per month.


Contact details:

Email address: hello@syncee.co

Phone number: --

9. DropshipZone

Next, we have another local Australian dropshipping supplier on our list. DropshipZone. They are well-known all over the continent for their high-quality products.

You can find multiple goods for every niche you can think of. DropshipZone has an app called Sofortog which makes this platform most appropriate for Shopify store owners.

Here are a few noteworthy features of this supplier.

Key features:

  • If you opt for DropshipZone you will be spoilt for choice with products occupying over 10,000 SKUs
  • You don’t have to pay any upfront costs or setup fees
  • You can sell authentic Australian brands like Giselle bedding, Everfit, Artiss, Gardeon, and more.


  • Relatively fast dropshipping suppliers with commendable delivery services
  • Excellent order tracking services
  • Products from a plethora of niches like health, beauty, home, furniture, garden, and more


  • You cannot send customised packages
  • Customer service is a major concern as per user reviews on Trustpilot
  • You need a company name and Australian Business Number (ABN)


DropshipZone is a free dropshipping supplier! You need not pay any monthly or annual charges, just for products that you order.

Contact Details:

Email address: info@dropshipzone.com.au

Phone number: --

10. iDropship

Now that we are discussing dropshipping suppliers in Australia, iDropship has to make it to the list. They sell a host of products made in the country.

The platform is founded and operated by native Australians with a combined experience of over 20 years.

iDropship comes under the category of luxury dropshipping suppliers. This is because they sell a lot of high ticket goods.

Key Features:

  • Local products that can be sourced with ease
  • Express delivery within the country
  • Great quality product images that make them appealing
  • White-labelled packaging that makes the buyer unaware of iDropship’s involvement


  • There are no setup or maintenance charges
  • Local products eliminate the long waiting time
  • Reduces the shipping cost for your dropshipping business in Australia
  • Can be connected to your Shopify with ease


  • The big-ticket items can be on the expensive side for beginners
  • Their setup, integration, and customer service need a little improvement as per the reviews on Trustpilot


iDropship is another free dropshipping supplier. It does not charge any fees for signing up and using its services.

Contact Details:

Email address: admin@idropship.com.au

Phone number: +61 3 8512 0805

Niche Dropshipping Suppliers

Now that we have made some headway, let’s have a look at some dropshipping suppliers who specialise in certain niche products.

11. Printful

Now that we enter the realm of niche dropshipping suppliers, let us introduce you to Printful. 

It is one of the best print-on-demand dropshipping suppliers. It gives you the freedom to create custom designs that can be printed and sold online.

Their platform provides easy-to-use built-in design tools for product mockups, ads, and other visuals.

This lets you etch out a design for your customised clothing or accessories in a short span of time. It is a great way to start a side hustle or create merchandise for your online store with minimal investment.


Key Features:

  • Provides warehousing for all your orders
  • Seamless integrations with eCommerce platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and many more
  • No monthly charges, pay only for production and shipping
  • Excellent branding through custom packaging, pack-ins, and white-label printing


  • You don't have to worry about unsold inventory as there is no minimum capping
  • They take care of inventory, shipping, and equipment
  • Incredible 24/7 customer support
  • The mobile application helps manage your orders.


  • You do not get refunds for lost or damaged goods
  • The starting price of some products is relatively high


There are no charges to create an account and start selling via Printful. The free dropshipping supplier can be upgraded to incorporate some extra features like digitising the embroidery files.

You can avail the Plus plan for $9 per month or the Pro plan for $49 per month.

Contact details:

Email address: support@printful.com

Phone number: +1 818 351 7181

12. DearJane Medical

DearJane Medical is one of the most unique dropshipping suppliers in Australia. It offers products in the medical hemisphere.

They are the go-to dropshipping suppliers for all sorts of patient care, diagnostic, and physical therapy equipment on the continent.

They have reliable product quality. Several healthcare and nursing facilities avail their products and recommend the same to their patients and caregivers. Here are a few features that throw a better light on their platform.


Key features:

  • A huge collection of medical and patient care-related products
  • An organised store directory and efficient filters
  • Expert advice that helps choose the right products for dropshipping
  • Obtain one week trials on certain products for quality checks


  • Local SKUs that ensure quick shipping and delivery
  • Such niche products help distinguish your shop from the rest
  • The products are quite reasonably priced which ascertain a high-profit margin


  • The platform does not have any integrations with Shopify, Wix, or any other eCommerce stores
  • Finding the target audience can be tedious and time-consuming


You can register for their dropshipping supplier service for free. They do not charge any recurring amount.

Contact details:

Email address: – Not available

Phone number: +61 1300 770 161

13. Factory Fast

The next one on our list also happens to be an Australian dropshipping supplier — Factory Fast. It is a niche marketplace that sells home goods like DIY items, furniture, decor, and fitness equipment. Let’s explore why you should consider this platform for your business.


Key features:

  • Almost every product in their catalogue comes at an affordable price straight from the factory
  • You do not require an ABN to register as a dropshipper
  • Efficient warehousing, picking, packaging, and shipping


  • High-resolution product images help sell the products like hot cakes
  • You can markup substantially from the factory selling price
  • The users highly appreciate the quality of the product online


  • Similar to DearJane Medical, you cannot find any integration possibilities with your eCommerce store


You can collaborate with this Australian dropshipping supplier for free. There are no pricing plans or fees to resell their products.

Contact details:

Email address: cs@factoryfast.com.au

Phone number: 1300 760 441

14. Eleganter

We conclude this list with one of the most popular niche dropshipping suppliers, Eleganter. They specialise in selling kids' toys on their website.

When you browse through their products you will find interesting and educational children's toys that are in high demand these days.

These are the ideal products if parents are your target audience. Their arts and crafts products attract a lot of buyers and make for perfect gifts on any occasion.

Key features:

  • A huge catalogue with all different types of kids' toys
  • Detailed product information that lists all the features
  • Resourceful product categorisation to help you find the right product


  • No upfront costs or monthly subscription fees
  • The order fulfilment process is quite efficient
  • Flexible return policies


  • This dropshipping supplier requires an ABN for registration
  • Like most other niche suppliers, you cannot integrate their product into your eCommerce store and have to place manual orders


Eleganter does not charge any membership fee for dropshipping. All you have to pay for are the cost of the goods, freight charges, and taxes.

Contact details:

Email address: enquiries@eleganter.com.au

Phone number: 07 3808 8812

Get Started With Dropshipping

Now that you have an exhaustive list of dropshipping suppliers at your fingertips, you can make an informed choice for your business.

Every supplier has its pros as well as a few cons. You have to decide which elements would be a must-have and which ones would be a dealbreaker for your dropshipping business.

You can establish or scale the business by collaborating with some good Australian dropshipping suppliers. Hiring a 3PL service provider will make your task easier when you are just getting started.

You can leave the warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfilment to the experts. This leaves you ample time to develop your online store through innovative marketing strategies.

When you opt for a 3PL service, you can order products from multiple suppliers and maintain a broad product directory. Reach out to our professionals to know more about the impact of 3PL combined with the right dropshipping supplier on your venture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find dropshipping suppliers in Australia?

You can consider the following steps to find dropshipping suppliers in Australia:

  1. Perform online research. A simple Google search may yield several dropshipping suppliers.
  2. Check out the suppliers used by your competitors. This can lead to some useful options.
  3. Use marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy as a resource to find Australian dropshipping suppliers
  4. Attend local trade shows where you can get in touch with manufacturers and wholesalers. 

How to contact AliExpress suppliers for dropshipping?

There are a few different ways to get in touch with AliExpress suppliers. You may either visit the online store to get in touch with the supplier through the product page.

This will take you to the store's in-bulk messenger and connect you to the specific supplier.

Alternatively, you may perform an online research to find the supplier’s email address and drop your query via email.

However, this process becomes pretty tedious and there is no guarantee of how soon the supplier may respond.

How to find good suppliers for dropshipping?

Dropshipping suppliers are the most crucial part of your business. So here’s how you can find the best ones out there to flourish your dropshipping venture from the get-go:

  1. Perform ample online research. Use the power of the interwebs to compile a list of noteworthy suppliers.
  2. Note the variety and quality of the products available on their website. Some suppliers also offer samples or trials of their products for quality checks.
  3. See if they implement technology that keeps up with the advancements. You can be on the lookout for automated inventory tracking systems and integration options with your eCommerce store.
  4. Next, you may compare the order processing, fulfilment duration, and return policies of the shortlisted dropshipping suppliers. Check if you should consider a 3PL provider to expedite the processing.
  5. Check reviews on websites such as Trustpilot to get a better idea about the supplier’s services.
  6. Finally, check for agile customer service. See if they can communicate and resolve your queries effectively.


Who are the best suppliers for dropshipping in 2022?

Our post highlights some of the best dropshipping suppliers of the year. The top five spots on this list are taken by:

  1. AliDropship
  2. CJDropshipping
  3. Ozdingo
  4. SaleHoo
  5. BrandGateway


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