12 Tips for Reducing Stress on Moving Day


12 Tips for Reducing Stress on Moving Day

Reducing Stress on Moving Day

Moving day is one of the more stressful times you'll encounter. So, what can you do to minimise stress on the day of the move? Besides packing your belongings and preparing everything for the move, there are several other handy tips you should follow. Read on for 12 ways to reduce your stress on moving day.

1.     Start early

Start as early as possible! Even though moving day is yet to come, you can start moving weeks before. Anything you don’t use regularly can be packed weeks, if not months before your moving date. Bed linen, towels, appliances and sporting equipment are commonly the first things to be packed. Then start considering items you don’t use every day. If it’s summer, pack all your winter clothes. It’s common sense!

2.     Overnight essentials

Make sure you're ready for at least one night without any of your stuff. Pack a bag or suitcase with a change of clothes, toiletries, chargers and more. Now you don’t have to go searching through boxes looking for your items. It also means you'll use one less box.

3.     Make it fun

Making work fun always helps it go faster, attitude is everything! Music is the best way to turn a boring moving day into something fun (as fun as moving can be). Typically, somebody who is having fun is not stressed; keep everything upbeat and positive.

4.     Food?

Moving day is long and exhausting so ensure you have water, snacks and some proper meals to have throughout the day. Taking breaks and eating food is very important - you need to ensure you keep your energy levels up.

Another great tip is having some food and drinks for your movers. Providing your movers with something to eat and drink will put them in a good state of mind; most of the time they will start working faster and better.

5.     Be flexible

Relax and be flexible. You can plan all you want, however there is always something that will go wrong or at least ruin your schedule. Deal with problems as they come and stay calm. You don’t want to lock yourself into any plans.

 6.     Ready to go

You don’t want your movers waiting around for you to pack the final boxes. No matter if you have professionals or a friend helping you, be ready. Not being ready to go will end up costing you more - having movers sit idle while you pay an hourly rate will drive up costs. Furthermore, if a friend lends you their ute, they don't want to be waiting around.

7.     Clear your schedule

Moving to a new house takes a whole day, if not longer. Make sure you don't have anything else on that day. No matter how much time you account for, moving typically takes much longer. There is always something that isn’t factored in. Don’t make plans for coffee or lunch, and don’t try to fit in other errands. Moving day is only for moving!

8.     Declutter

This is one of the most important tips. Declutter as much as possible. Packing every item in your house and taking it to your new residence will make the unpacking process a nightmare. It’s time to get rid of anything you don’t use or need. Be ruthless with your culling, you will thank yourself when it comes time to unpack. Also, the less you take, the less time involved, the less money it will cost, etc.

9.      Equipment ready

Have your equipment ready to go. Boxes, tape, scissors, markers and anything else you can think of. Even if you've already packed everything, have some spare boxes and tape on stand by just in case. Packing supply stores often buy back unused boxes in good condition, so it doesn’t hurt to have excess. It’s always better to over buy than under buy.

10.  Procrastination

You are packing, not taking a walk down memory lane. Don’t procrastinate looking through old photo albums or slowly sorting your wardrobe.  That can all wait until you're settled in your new home. Remember, your goal is to get through moving day and the packing process as quickly as possible.

11.  Cleaners

Don’t schedule a cleaner for the same day as the move, you don’t want too many people floating around your house. Being too crowded can cause problems.

12.  Cash is king

Like anything in life, there are always going to be hidden costs involved. Paying movers, buying lunch, taxis, extra supplies, a case of beer in exchange for help, whatever it is, be ready with some cash.


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