Case Study: Sending Art with PACK & SEND Pyrmont


Case Study: Sending Art with PACK & SEND Pyrmont

Johnny Tao has been running the PACK & SEND Pyrmont Service Centre since 2012.  Over the years, PACK & SEND Pyrmont has built a large and loyal customer base, and Johnny is often asked to send extraordinary items.

Every day is different for the PACK & SEND Pyrmont team.  Each job is unique, with items frequently coming from various galleries and auction houses in the area. Due to the array of fragile and valuable items, this team has exceptional expertise in shipping such items safely.

Their clients consist of many art dealers, collectors, gallery curators and managers who expect the integrity of their artwork to be maintained throughout the packing and shipping process. The PACK & SEND Pyrmont team has extensive experience shipping fragile indigenous artwork such as aboriginal masks, sculptures, weapons, tools and other fascinating articles. Other items seen by the PACK & SEND team include paintings, sculptures, prints, and more. Over the years, the PACK & SEND Pyrmont team has done wonders for their clients, seeing them return time and time again.

“We have a large auction house and gallery customer base. Lots of customers have been dealing with us for many years.  Every week we will have new clients referred to us by local auction houses and galleries,” says Johnny.

PACK & SEND goes the extra mile, especially for high value items, and work meticulously to guarantee the protection of all goods. Each piece of art is challenging to pack and transport. When a client brings in artwork, no two pieces are the same, and that means brainstorming new and innovative packing strategies to ensure their safety.

Highly experienced with international shipping, PACK & SEND has a tried and tested process for items that encounter problems regarding tax, duties or customs, and have proved their ability to overcome such issues efficiently.

As a result, PACK & SEND is the go-to service for artists, collectors, galleries and auction houses around the world!


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