Smart Ways to Collect Feedback from Your Next Event


Smart Ways to Collect Feedback from Your Next Event

Event FeedbackGaining feedback from an event is critical to improving your product or service. So, how can you get decent feedback without coming across as boring and dull? Here are some smart ways to collect feedback from your next event.

Feedback Buttons

Feedback buttons are quick and easy, encouraging lots of people to respond due to the quick nature of the process. Position stations around the event, near specific areas where you want feedback and try to make them as interactive as possible. Alternatively, have feedback stations at the exit, this way everyone will definitely encounter them.

You could have the buttons as answers to questions or go very simple and have an emotion on the button: happy, neutral or sad. This is a quick, easy and often cost effective way to get great, direct feedback. Be careful though, sometimes you have to factor in people hitting the wrong button.

Live Social Media Updates

Social media is a platform where people talk about brands. It’s also the place where attendees are likely to talk about your event. Continuously monitor accounts and see if you're getting mentioned or tagged accordingly.

Encouraging people to check in at your event will shed light on which attendees are reacting positively. Furthermore, a social event can be fun and interactive, it's a way for attendees to provide feedback. Another option is creating polls. Twitter and Facebook are perfect for polls and can be answered with emoticons, making it simple and easy.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is an interesting new technology that is designed to track the feelings of your attendees. Data from strategically placed cameras can recognise how attendees are feeling through facial recognition software. Amazing what technology can do now! You may have to let people know they are being filmed though.

Comment Cards

Comment cards are there to get general feedback when you don’t have specific prompts that are being targeted. Place them all around the room for maximum effect. One downside of this technique is somebody must collect them all.

User Testing

User testing is great for product or branded events where products can be exchanged for questionnaires, interviews or any other form of feedback you may be after. Depending on the product or service, attendees may be encouraged to give feedback for an exclusive look or testing of the product.


Competitions are a great way to gauge how involved attendees are, or what their feelings are towards a product, sponsor or brand. Typically, social media competitions are the best way to do this. You can see how many enter and how fast it spreads. Get people involved in making decisions about products and the business.

You can boost branding and marketing while gauging how much reach your attendees have by creating campaigns that require a share on social media. Use the audience to your advantage, hold creative competitions asking the audience to create a slogan or a caption, then include a feedback response. By making the prize something worthwhile you can get many entrants.

Event App

Using applications to incorporate feedback options is new and fun. Creating an application will be expensive but once you get it up and running it can create a seamless and minimal effort strategy to getting feedback. Results can be displayed in real time and show the data in any form of easy to read graph.

As previously mentioned, you can use polls, or voting statements which echo what attendees think of the event. The real time data can help you adapt quickly.

 Feedback Wall

Sometimes old techniques can work the best. Getting attendees to provide physical feedback which gives others something visual to look at can create atmosphere, and also get others thinking. This gets feedback and discussions circulating!

Stickers, cards, Post-It notes or just permanent markers will all be useful in getting people to give feedback on the wall. Leave plenty of time for people to respond. It’s also a good idea to outline some questions so respondents don’t have to think on their feet - you want it to be as easy as possible. Ask questions like, “what have we done well?” and “what could be done better?”.

Remember, giving feedback is generally boring, so be as inventive and unique as possible!

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