Shipping a Dolls House with a Difference - Dunroven Hotel


Shipping a Dolls House with a Difference - Dunroven Hotel

Dunroven1.jpgChris Goon sees a vast variety of interesting items pass through his PACK & SEND Frankston Service Centre every day. That’s what he enjoys most during his 8 years of being a franchisee, which has seen him pack and send some amazing items like a leather bound 18th Century Apothecary’s (Chemists) Reference Book and a very old and valuable painting, a J.M.W. Turner piece that was shipped to the Tate Gallery in London, just to name a few.

A recent client (a private collector who wished to remain anonymous) reached out to Chris about shipping an item described as a “dolls house”. When Chris first laid his eyes on it, it was obvious that the ‘Dunroven Hotel’ was more of a miniature hotel replica, rather than a dolls house. From speaking with his customer, Chris learned that the ‘Dunroven Hotel’ was the culmination of around 25 years of tinkering by its original owner and builder, who had hand-crafted it for his daughters. The detail and craftsmanship is remarkable, with every tiny detail taken into account, both inside and outside the miniature hotel.


Unfortunately, after hanging onto ‘Dunroven’ for many years for his daughters and granddaughters, the owner decided to let it go to a new home after the family no longer had room to house it. ‘Dunroven’ has since passed through the hands of a number of collectors.

PACK & SEND Frankston picked up the amazing miniature hotel from Port Welshpool, a 320km roundtrip from the Frankston service centre. Chris explained that on pick up day the weather was windy, rainy and hailing! The house obviously required extremely careful handling, and in such testing conditions the PACK & SEND team went above and beyond. Chris says that the key to a successful job is to handle and pack the item as if it were your own.

The team identified parts of the house that were particularly fragile and exposed or susceptible to damage. ‘Dunroven’ was then packed with appropriate protective materials inside a tailor made heavy duty carton. The packed item was nearly 1.2metres long 70cm wide and more than a metre high and weighed over 55Kg so was then strapped onto a timber ‘skid’ for additional transit protection.

The destination was Port Augusta, South Australia.  Chris selected the best carrier for the job, based on his experience and knowledge gained from previous shipments of fragile items to residential addresses in regional areas.

With no issues and a safe delivery, PACK & SEND have once again proved that they're the experts for all your packing and professional needs .Yet again, another great result for the PACK & SEND team with a very interesting delivery and a happy customer!


PACK & SEND are the experts in packing fragile freight for dispatch to anywhere in Australia or overseas.  No job is too big or small, from sending a laptop to New Zealand, to moving servers to Singapore or artwork to Argentina – we take care of everything. Give us a call today on 1300 668 000.

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