Small Business Packaging: 10 Tips & Ideas for 2023


Small Business Packaging: 10 Tips & Ideas for 2023

Small businesses may not have the resources to outshine their larger competitors in the industry. But, they can get an edge over their competitors by creating unique product packaging. This article provides a few tips on the product packaging for small businesses. These ideas focus on different aspects of small business packaging such as attractiveness, utility, and customer experience.

1. Make Packaging Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly packaging for small businesses can yield several benefits. Firstly, you can reduce the environmental impact created by your company. Secondly, you can create a variety of custom packaging for small businesses through sustainable materials. And most importantly, environmentally friendly packaging can attract customers and give you an edge over the competitors.


Different types of sustainable packaging for small businesses can create different types of perceptions of the product. For example, rigid boxes of multicoloured papers can create a perception of playfulness. On the other hand, textured cardboard with minimal design elements can create a sense of luxury.

2. Use Paper & Thread to Wrap your Products

You can work out several small business packaging ideas using just craft papers and threads. This type of packaging works well for different types of products. For fashion retail and handicraft items, paper and threads can add a layer of excitement to the unboxing experience. 

This layer makes the product feel special as if it has been delicately wrapped because it deserves to be taken care of.  The gift-like packaging creates a sense of luxury. It also encourages customers to share pictures of the product and packaging on social media. 

According to the 2022 Dotcom survey, 32% of shoppers are likely to share pictures of gift-like packaging.


You can also use crepe paper, thin textile material, printed sheets, butter paper etc. to wrap the products. Similarly, you can use ribbons instead of threads to tie the wrapping. These materials are cost-effective and can be used to create a variety of effects. It is also quite easy to procure such packaging supplies for small businesses. Furthermore, these materials are also eco-friendly.

3. Put in a Thank you Note

As a small business, it is important to build connections with the customers. Simple thank-you notes can help you establish such connections. It is necessary that this component feels genuine and personal. 


Personalised or custom packaging for small businesses also has a significant influence on the purchase decision. 15% consumers feel that personalised packaging makes them more likely to buy a product. Such notes can also encourage the customers to promote the products.

4. Make Creative Stickers 

A sticker can fulfil several functions for small business packaging. They can function as logos, labels, and seals. They are also a cheaper form of packaging for eCommerce or small businesses compared to their alternatives.


They are cost-effective to manufacture and can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes. You also have the freedom to develop creative stickers for your products and brands. You can put stickers on the product, primary packaging, secondary packaging, and transport packaging box for small businesses. It provides identity to the package without taking a toll on the budget.

5. Give Away Branded Freebies

Including freebies in custom packaging for small businesses can improve customer experience and contribute to future sales. You can include free samples of other products in the packaging. 24% of customers say that free samples make them more likely to shop from a brand in the future.


You can also put in branded accessories that complement the product. For instance, if you are selling formal shoes, you can include branded shoe polish or socks in the packaging. Such branded items can bring additional value to the customer experience.

6. Include Tips for the User

While it is necessary to include important information about your product in the product packaging. You can improve packaging for small businesses by including tips to help the customers use the product in different ways.


These kinds of small business packaging ideas work best for fashion, electronics, cosmetics, and food brands. For instance, if you are selling homemade peanut butter. Your small business packing can include different recipes that require the product. Similarly, fashion brands can include tips on style combinations that complement their product.

7. Make the Packaging Functional

You can increase the significance of product packaging by making it integral to the product’s use. This way your packaging for small businesses not only contains the product but also stays in use alongside the product. Furthermore, adding functionality to product packaging makes it part of the user experience. 



To achieve this, you need to think about how the customer uses the product. Then you can incorporate certain features in the packaging to make life convenient for the customer. You can also add a unique spin to the method of use.

8. Include Coupons & Discounts for Future Purchases

By including coupons or discounts in packaging small businesses can improve the chances of repeat purchases. 35% of customers say that such offers make them more likely to shop with a brand again.


Aside from coupons and discounts, you can also create loyalty programs through packaging. For instance, each package gives the customer a star. When a customer reaches 5 stars they get a reward. For this type of marketing packaging for small businesses, the reward should be enticing enough to warrant repeat purchases.

9. Take Customer Experience Online

You can connect the online and offline customer experience through product packaging. You can use hashtags, QR codes, social media handles and so on. These elements can help the customer connect with your brand online. 


You can use such elements to encourage different types of behaviours. You can ask customers to learn more about the products and the brand. You can also link these to online review platforms. This strategy can prove especially effective in packaging for eCommerce to get customer interaction. Furthermore, you can incentivise the customers by associating rewards with each action.

10. Design a Unique Unboxing Experience

Unboxing is an important aspect of the customer experience. According to Youtube statistics, people have spent more than 4 million hours watching unboxing videos. It is the journey of the customer from receiving the transport package to unveiling the product. 


To create an unboxing experience, you need to understand how the customer will receive and unravel your small business packaging. You have to reverse engineer the process and design layers of your packaging accordingly.

It is important that each layer complements the product and the brand. It should also add value to the customer experience. Additionally, you also need to decide the information you want to reveal through each layer. This type of packaging for small businesses can create a memorable unboxing experience.


This article presents different small business packaging ideas. But, you should adopt the ones that best suit your products and customers. These ideas are meant to help your brand stand out against the competition through product packaging. These packaging ideas for small businesses can help you elevate the attractiveness of the product and create a positive customer experience.

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