10 Creative Product Packaging Ideas Inspiration in 2023


10 Creative Product Packaging Ideas Inspiration in 2023

These product packaging ideas illustrate how packages can influence a product’s attractiveness, utility, and customer experience. You can take inspiration from these ideas to design product packaging for your brand.

1. Bee Bright Creamed Honey

This creamed honey is packed in a container made from beeswax with a wooden lid. It is one of the best product packaging ideas for this kind of product as it communicates a lot about the product and the brand.


Firstly, the beeswax container complements the product. It reflects the natural state of the product. Furthermore, it is entirely organic. This biodegradable product packaging reflects the eco-friendly values of the brand.

You can also learn a lot from the structure and colours of this product to design product packaging. It uses black and white colours for text and graphics against a bright yellow background. This is indicative of the colour of the product (honey) and those who make it (honey bees).

2. Gortz Shoes

This shoe brand uses quirky product packaging designs that sets it apart from other brands. The shoes come packed in a bird-shaped box, instead of a simple rectangular box like other shoe brands. 


Furthermore, instead of laying the shoes inside the packaging box, the laces of the shoes are pulled through the box. This makes it look like the bird has a worm in its beak. It is a unique product packaging for the industry and creates a memorable impression.

3. Thelma’s Treats

These cookies come in a very creative product packaging design. The cardboard box is designed like a gas stove and oven. The box opens horizontally and you can pull out the cookies from a cardboard tray. This conveys that the cookies are pulled fresh out of the oven.


When you design product packaging from your product, you can take inspiration from this concept. This product packaging box design communicates how the product is made. It also conveys that the product is as good as the freshly made version of it.

4. Beehive Honey Squares

This cereal brand uses creative product packaging ideas to tell people about the product through visuals.


This unique product packaging design accomplishes several functions of primary packaging. 

Firstly, the product packaging design uses bright yellow colour as a background with white and black graphics. This reflects the nature of the product i.e. honey-flavoured cereals. Secondly, the product packaging design shows a bear munching on the product. 

And thirdly, the package has a transparent section in the bear’s mouth, which shows the contents.

5. Festina Watches

The central product packaging idea for these watches is to show that the watches are water resistant. While other brands would simply write “water-resistant” or “water-proof” on the package, the Festina brand takes a different approach.


This creative product packaging design comes in a plastic pouch that contains the watches submerged in water. This is one of the best packaging designs as it communicates the water resistance of the product far better than text and graphics.

6. Green Berry Tea

These tea bags are a great example of elegant product packaging ideas. While most tea bags come in the form of pouches, these tea bags are made in the form of a bird. When the customer puts the tea bag in water, they can see the bird unfurl and spread its wings.


Furthermore, as the user pulls on the string, it looks as if the bird is flapping its wings. This interesting product packaging design creates a unique customer experience.

7. Butter! Better!

This consumer product packaging design takes the user’s needs into consideration. People need a butter knife to spread butter on bread and toast. So this design of product packaging has a knife-like device as the lid for the container.


So when the customer wants to use the product, they can use the lid to scoop and spread the butter. It is a good example of product packaging ideas that offer practical utility as well as become part of the user experience.

8. Nooka Watches

This brand creates quirky timepieces with a unique user interface. They design product packaging to reflect several qualities of the product as well as the brand.


The first distinction is that the product packaging design is different from other brands in the market. While other watches come packed in boxes and cans. This product packaging box design does not use glue. The box is made from recyclable cardboard. The sustainable nature of packaging is reflected by an insect that sits on the side of the package. Furthermore, the product packaging box design reveals the watch through hexagon cutouts.

You can also take product packaging ideas concerning information architecture from this box. The box exterior only has the name of the brand. As this biodegradable product packaging opens, you learn more about the product and the brand.

9. Help Remedies

This design of product packaging directly addresses the user’s needs. These small plastic boxes contain medicines for different ailments. It is a great example of product packaging ideas where primary and secondary packaging complements each other.


Here the secondary packaging is a case that asks the customer “what’s wrong”. Each piece of primary packaging contains a dose concerning an ailment. The copy on the primary packaging serves as an answer to the question posed by secondary packaging. This perfectly illustrates how to design product packaging information architecture.

10. Liquid Tide Eco

This is a product packaging design example of useful secondary packaging. The brand recognized that it is difficult to pour the liquid detergent from a large and heavy bottle. So they offered a solution with creative product packaging.


The secondary packaging functions as a container for the bottle. It can also be turned into a stand by opening the flaps at the bottom. Then the customer can use the tap of the primary packaging to pour as much liquid as they need into a cup. You can also improve the utility of your products by employing such practical product packaging ideas.


You will find numerous creative product packaging ideas in several industries. You can use these to draw inspiration to design packaging for your products. But, it is important to remember that different packaging suits different products.

When you design product packaging for your brand, it should complement the product, reflect brand values, attract customers, help the user, and create a positive customer experience. 


How to design product packaging?

To design product packaging, you need to consider the product type, brand values, and the end user. These aspects decide several aspects of designing product packaging. Then you have to decide the shape, architecture, materials, packaging protection layers, and graphics for the product packaging.

How to make packaging for a product?

To make packaging for a product, you need to develop a supply chain process. This process includes procuring raw materials, manufacturing the packaging structure, and packing the product. If the product packaging design involves several layers, you also need to include assembly in the process.

How does packaging affect the sales of a product?

Yes, the packaging does affect the sales of a product. It has the ability to attract customers through visual appeal. Packaging is also a part of the customer experience through unboxing and utility.

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