Size matters: Online tools to help measure your packages and freight


Size matters: Online tools to help measure your packages and freight

When sending large or valuable packages, it's important that you not only get the paperwork right but that your parcel meets all the requirements of Australian (and possibly international) postage regulations. By going online you can find a number of tools to help get your package to its final destination safely and promptly.

In an ideal world every country would use the same standards of measurement, but unfortunately that's not the case. If you're confused about the differences between centimetres and inches, pounds and kilos or litres and pints then a conversion website like Convert-me can be a time and stress saver.

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Once you know the dimensions and weight of your parcel, the next thing you need to know is the cost. Getting an online freight quote can let you know the expected damage and the price difference between local, international and express postage rates.

Shipping restrictions
As well as knowing the individual rules of the country you’re sending to, it’s important to understand Australia’s export restrictions.  These tend to fall into two categories: items that are completely banned and those that require written permission to transport.

Packaging tips
Whether you're posting fragile, bulky or unusually shaped items, making sure your packages safely arrive at their destination is vital. Whether you’re selling online or posting to a friend, knowing how to take care of fragile items and breakables can make a huge difference. Using plenty of tissue paper and packing peanuts as well as taping up boxes securely can help your package arrive safely.

Track and trace
Track and trace services are becoming universal in the postage field, so if you're sending something valuable or urgent it's recommended you sign up for this type of offer. At Pack & Send we have two options available – one being particularly useful for online users. Simply put your package's tracking number into our website and you'll be able to see exactly how far along the process it is.

By using these online tools, not only can you save yourself a lot of time and effort, you’ll also save yourself from stress and worry.

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