How technology has improved the courier and freight business


How technology has improved the courier and freight business

Technology has helped speed up productivity and accuracy in the transportation industry. While developments in automobiles, air travel and computerisation have had far-reaching effects, more recently apps and gadgets have helped streamline the process.

Track and trace
The track and trace system is widely used by delivery companies nowadays, and its invention has improved the transparency and accuracy of delivery details and estimates. Customers can simply log in online and see the times and locations of their parcel through its journey, as well as be notified when it arrives at its destination.

As good as track and trace is, some customers have started to take things into their own hands, keeping delivery companies on their toes. Trakdot, originally designed to sit in suitcases in the event of an airline losing the item of luggage, is increasingly being posted inside parcels. This tracking device shows the owner exactly where the parcel is at any given moment, showing results on a map on the sender’s phone.

GPS and sat nav
While GPS location and sat-nav devices may seem commonplace for today’s drivers and even pedestrians, not too long ago drivers could easily get lost, especially on cross-country trips. Accurate instructions and real-time maps help deliveries get to their destination on time without an irate driver who’s been going around in circles for hours.

Mobile apps
For couriers who have a team of drivers on the city streets every day, having a centralised system to let them know about new jobs can be a real time saver. With a dedicated app, there’s no need to wait for drivers to return to the depot, only to have to double back on themselves, and there’s no call to phone each driver to find out how close they are to the new pick-up location.

Online ratings
Like any business nowadays, freights organisations and couriers get rated online. Poor service is reported and shown to the world, meaning companies need to be on top of their game at all times not only to ensure repeat custom, but also to keep passive word of mouth positive. Ratings also have a knock-on effect on sites like eBay – if a seller gets rated poorly because of their delivery times, it means they may look for a new delivery system for their next sale.

As technology evolves, transportation and delivery of goods gets more streamlined and efficient, leading to a better system than ever before.

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