Self-storage Delivery 2023: Everything You Need to Know


Self-storage Delivery 2023: Everything You Need to Know

As an online store starts operations, one of the most pressing challenges is inventory storage. 

No store directly becomes Amazon with multiple fulfilment centres and vast warehouses. Most eCommerce businesses start small and initially owners use their personal spaces as makeshift warehouses. 

However, what happens when inventory soon takes over your home? 

It slowly blurs the line between professional and personal space and you’re left to deal with office clutter at your home. 

To address this, online stores are opting for self-storage delivery units. They are flexible, short-term or long-term storage renting units available for individuals and small companies. 

Listed below are all the reasons you should consider self-storage delivery units for your online business. 

1. It’s Economical 

As you’re just starting out, you really don’t have enough stock units to rent a warehouse or resources for warehouse management. Ecommerce stores that rent warehouses end up paying more since they are paying for space they don’t need. Self-storage delivery units have a flat rate that results in easy management and implementation of storage costs in the current production costs. 

You not only pay for only what you need but also have a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to product delivery. Warehouses have fixed hours of operation that stop you from fulfilling orders coming in at odd hours. Whereas, at a lesser cost, they provide you with the flexibility to choose your hours of operation, have 24*7 access, and choose a size suited for your business.

2. Ideal for Seasonal Business

Since a seasonal business is only limited to a specific season, it makes sense to have only a temporary storage unit rather than renting a warehouse that you rent for an entire year or month. For example, an eCommerce store selling holiday decor, water skis, or winter clothing, is particularly busy during particular times of the year. 

The business not only needs to have sufficient stock units to make on-demand delivery but also temporary storage space to accommodate them. Self-storage units can be a real lifesaver in this case. It provides a perfect solution to leverage the storage space for a specific time rather than stocking units for months that occupy space in your home, garage, or basement. 

3. Improves Work-life Balance 

A new venture considerably consumes your time as it is. You need to meet the one-day delivery commitments, meet customer expectations, and handle product returns with a limited team and resources.  

You don’t want your business to consume your personal space too. A lot of small online store owners make their homes their offices, their primary area of operations, and their storage unit. This can turn out to be very stressful since having your inventory at your home or bedroom means you can never catch a break from work. 

A designated storage unit helps you differentiate your personal life from a professional one.  When you step into your home, you’re not reminded of your business again and again because of the inventory and actually look forward to having some leisure time. 

4. Higher Safety and Security 

You want to take every measure to ensure the protection of your goods from getting damaged or stolen. A lack of these measures can have a grave impact on your reputation, sales, and profit. And security is actually harder than you think, especially when you rely on personal spaces. Even if you take measures to protect the goods from getting stolen, you don’t have the expertise to protect them from getting damaged. 

Self-storage delivery units provide greater security since they have sophisticated lock systems that only the owner can access. Furthermore, they have high-quality fire suppression systems installed that prevent your products from any damage. Self-storage units are also equipped with CCTVs and security staff that monitor the premises. 

5. Business Amenities 

Self-storage delivery facilities are equipped with basic business amenities such as free wi-fi, printing services, and package acceptance. It also provides a designated business centre where online store owners can work, conduct their operations, hold meetings and take important phone calls. You’ll appreciate this when you realise how much goes into eCommerce order fulfilment

It starts with package acceptance. Some self-storage delivery units also take care of your package deliveries in your absence and keep them safe until you arrive. You then need to have a dedicated service such as printers and the internet where you can use your online tools to coordinate with suppliers, drivers, and customers, send and receive important shipping documents like labels, lists of inventories, proof of deliveries, etc. Self-storage delivery services also provide moving services that help you load and unload inventories for deliveries. 

6. Climate-Controlled Facilities 

Temperature control is a top priority while storing goods even for those that are packed and awaiting delivery. At a regular facility like your home, a change in weather conditions can affect your inventory. Excessive heat can result in deterioration and melting, increased humidity can result in spoilage and lead to the development of bacteria or molds. 

Depending on your product, you will need a consistent temperature to maintain the humidity levels to prevent the product from dust, molds, and other elemental damage to items. Self-storage delivery units maintain these temperature and humidity levels at all times. It will ensure your products maintain optimal quality while they’re stored at the facility. 

7. Storage Can Grow with Business

Storage units always provide you with the flexibility to use space as per your business needs. You can start with a small unit when you have a few orders and opt for a larger unit space as the number of orders increases and the inventory increases. You can move up in unit size as you can start affording within just a few months. You can dictate the use of space based on your business needs and growth. 

Wrapping Up 

Small businesses will have specific requirements for storage and delivery. PACK & SEND can identify your business needs for storage and warehousing while providing you with exceptional service. You can contact us for more information about different types of warehousing requirements and what would be best suited for your eCommerce business. 

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