One-day Delivery 2023: Everything You Need to Know


One-day Delivery 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Delivery time is a decisive factor in eCommerce purchases. 

Research shows that more than half of online shoppers will abandon their carts if the delivery time is longer than expected shipping time. 

The pressure on online stores to make timely deliveries is higher than ever. And they’re coming with new delivery models to meet their rising expectations. 

A one-day delivery system is one of them. 

What is one-day delivery?

A one-day delivery model is where an online shopper receives an ordered item at their doorstep within 24 hours of placing the order. 

Contrary to the traditional shipping delivery times that take a minimum of two to three days to deliver products, the one-day delivery method means customers don’t have to wait for their goods to arrive and can rely on online shopping for emergency purchases. 

The expectation to shorten the click-to-customer cycle time is increasing the demand for a one-day delivery service. 

Why is one-day delivery important for the future of eCommerce?

Changing Customer Expectations

The perception of customers has changed regarding what the ideal delivery time should be. In this era of instant gratification, it is natural that one-day deliveries are a hit with consumers. Research suggests that at least 30% of all online shoppers expect one-day delivery and anything slower than that fails to meet the expectations. 

And while one-day delivery is surely at the top of customer expectations, so is the need to provide exceptional support along with it too. Brands that want to stay relevant in the market while competing with eCommerce giants must find a fulfilment strategy that facilitates them to offer one-day deliveries. It’s essential to expand the logistics network and choose the right shipping provider to bring products closer to customers and make them more flexible to meet the demands of the ever-changing market. 

Lower Cart Abandonment

One of the biggest challenges of online retailers is cart abandonment. And one of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment is because of slow deliveries. A slow delivery time is considered one of the top three reasons for cart abandonment in eCommerce. And for people that are still hesitant to shop online, a delay in delivery can entirely change their minds. 


To counter this issue, fast delivery options like one-day delivery can turn the situation for good. It is a smart move since the best part is that customers are willing to pay more if they can get their product delivery on the same day or the next day. Reducing the waiting time allows customers to make faster purchasing decisions and reduces the chances of cart abandonment. 

Improves Conversion Rates through SEO

Many online stores have sufficient traffic but sales aren’t up to the mark. Typical eCommerce conversions follow the process of adding items to a shopping cart and completing a purchase or saving items to buy them later. One of the reasons they’re not following this process is slow deliveries. Customers tend to go straight to Google to compare different stores that offer the same product but a quicker delivery alternative. 

To tap on the visitors not finishing the purchase because of slow deliveries, many online stores are focusing on enhancing their SEO and marketing efforts to communicate about their fast deliveries. 

Online retailers are also running paid ad campaigns on one-day and same-day deliveries. Studies show that in February 2021, 5% of apparel advertisers used ‘same-day’ in search text ads, which was almost 3% higher than in February 2020. 

It reflects that more retailers in the apparel and home categories are running paid ad campaigns for the keyword ‘one-day delivery’  in their search text ads. 

Maintaining the Competitive Edge

Online shopping is already a competitive framework. You’re not only competing with fellow small and medium-sized retailers but also giants like Amazon. And thanks to Amazon, all eCommerce stores are realising the need for quick deliveries. 

There has been a rise in the number of online stores establishing flexible delivery methods using micro-fulfilment centres. Amazon has managed to achieve one-day deliveries by establishing a close logistics network and that’s the same path other retailers are walking on. 

More than 60% of online retailers plan to add a one-day delivery service to their online stores. Fast deliveries are quickly giving stores the much-needed competitive edge and a strategic necessity to hold on to their market share. 

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for online stores. It’s all the more important since you never really meet your customers not have the liberty to provide a personalised experience online. 

As a result, online stores have to find different ways to bridge these gaps. You can do that via one-day deliveries, free shipping, discounted products, allowing product returns, providing exceptional tracking service, etc.

It’s value-added services like these that create a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. It provides stores with the opportunity to satisfy their customers and make their buying experience a memorable one. 

Increased Brand Value 

Ecommerce Brands that have aced their one-day delivery logistics have certainly raised their brand value. It instils trust amongst consumers and increases their loyalty knowing they can rely on your brand for getting their desired product at the earliest possible. 

Amazon is a very good example of how to change shoppers’ perspectives about delivery speed and set a new benchmark for the rest of the brands to follow. 

Online stores can also do that with advanced order fulfilment, intricate route planning, and the establishment of micro-fulfilment centres that allow them to be closer to the customers. A faster delivery showcases a customer that you care about their needs, identify their pain points, and are taking efforts to address them. 

Wrapping Up 

One-day delivery just adds to the convenience of shopping online. It brings them closer to a brick-and-mortar store experience where they’re offered the product as soon as they purchase. The demand for one-day deliveries will surely increase urging retailers to uplift their logistics and move towards a closely planned delivery network. 

PACK & SEND can help you design your logistics network to enhance your product deliveries. You can get in touch with us to get an idea of how we do that and help you stay ahead of the eCommerce delivery trends. 

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