7 Products with a Great Resale Value


7 Products with a Great Resale Value

Products with a Great Resale ValueA low price might seem like a smart buy initially, however, if you plan to resell later, this generally means the product loses the majority of its value after purchase. This is common when purchasing cars… once you drive off the lot, the value drops dramatically.

It’s smart to know which brands hold their value when making a new purchase. If you do end up selling, it’s clearly beneficial if you can make the most back.

Designer Clothing

Designer clothing will always hold some resale value. You will pay a premium to first attain these labels but there's a much higher chance you will get decent money back once resold. Online consignment companies are a great way to resell high end clothing. CNBC rated labels such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs have some of the best resale values.

Subaru WRX 

The Subaru WRX is one of the better cars in term of resale value. Kelly Blue Book claims a WRX will hold up to 55% of its resale value after 36 months and 45% after 60 months. The all-wheel-drive, performance-tuned Subaru WRX boasts these great numbers year after year. A cult-like following will always help the resale value.


High end watches such a Patek Phillippe, Rolex and other blue chips brands will all hold good resale values. If you have purchased a watch, always keep the box and papers as this will keep the resale value as high as possible.

In some cases, particular watches with all the original parts and documentation will actually gain value. Rolex sports watches such as the GMT, Submariner and Daytona hold value the best.

Wooden furniture

Spending more on quality furniture will benefit you greatly come resale time. It’s most likely you won’t want to keep the same furniture forever.  Sometimes you can be lucky and purchase items that increase in value.

Hand crafted and bespoke designed furniture will maintain value very well. Plywood, particleboard, pressed wood and fireboard should always be avoided. Solid wood designs and upholstered pieces with hardwood frames hold up better over years of use, ensuring value when it comes time to sell. Staples, nails, visible glue, bare foam used in cushions, and soft, easily scratched surfaces indicate a low resale value.


Apple products normally hold their value very well. The brand is very popular and sought after, meaning trading them in or selling them will return decent money. Depending on the model and its condition, you can recoup almost as much as 50% of the original sale price. You should take care of your phone while you use it to make the most of selling it.


Once again, Apple products hold the best value when it comes to resale. Apple’s MacBook Laptop line holds its value mainly due to the fact that Apple is the only manufacturer of MacBooks, whereas other window based PCs have a suppressed resale value, suffering from oversaturation in the resale market. It's important, however, to remember Macs cost much more when purchased new.


Handbags that are kept in good condition can hold up to about 85% of their resale value, if they are the right brands. Multiple resale sites and experts point towards brands such as Chanel, Lois Vuitton and high end bags from Hermès. These designer handbags never go out of style meaning they are likely to hold their value for a long time.

While it sounds like a promising proposition to go out and buy a designer handbag as your next accessory, it’s important to remember that these handbags are the top of the line with price tags to match. Chanel's 2.55 flap bags, which start at $4,900, and Louis Vuitton's Neverfull bags, starting at $1,180, hold much of their value and iconic style.

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