What price can I expect to pay for a courier service?


What price can I expect to pay for a courier service?

Courier services are not all alike. And, as such, you’ll often find that you get what you pay for.  That's why it's so important to know your options, understand what's available, and which courier company is best placed to provide you with the right service at the right price.pack & send courier

Among the types of courier companies to choose from are those with their own fleet & vehicle network, and also courier service resellers.

Courier resellers will offer more options to customers and come in two types. The first type is the dedicated online courier reseller who sells services from a single channel – internet only. Using the travel sector as an analogy, online courier resellers are like online travel agencies, such as Webjet or Expedia.

The second type of courier reseller is the multi-channel player. These types of courier reseller companies are able to offer their customers more choice and options as to how they do business. They add value to the courier services they sell and offer customers the option of doing business via phone, in-store, or online. These courier companies are like the multi-channel travel agent, such as the Flight Centre brand. In Australia, PACK & SEND is a multi-channel courier reseller and is the leading parcel, courier and freight reseller in the Australian market.

Any cost advantages in dealing with a multi-channel courier services reseller?

There are more advantages than you’d think. No single courier company can be competitively strong on price to every destination. And that’s where respected courier reseller brands with international footprints excel.

Multi-channel courier and freight resellers have enormous buying power and resources and, therefore, are able to buy courier and freight services at great discounts which they then pass on to their customers.

Don’t assume that courier service resellers are more expensive than going direct to a carrier or the post office. In fact, more often than not it’s the opposite.

Save time and money on your courier service

Saving money often comes with a different kind of cost: your time. But with a multi-channel courier reseller like PACK & SEND, not only can you save some money, you can also find yourself with more time to enjoy those savings, too.

Whilst multi-channel courier resellers offer a pick-up service, they also have a nation-wide retail network of Service Centres. That gives customers the option to drop-off their parcels at a time that suits them – rather than waiting for a courier driver to come to their premises.  A network of retail courier parcel centres also makes life a little easier for your customers, with more choice in delivery options. Some customers prefer delivery to the door and others prefer services such as PACK & SEND’s ‘Hold for Collection’: where parcels are delivered to the nearest PACK & SEND Service Centre, thus avoiding the common issue of missed deliveries simply because no one was home to sign for it.  This way, the parcel gets certainty of delivery & affords the receiver the convenience to collect the parcel at a time that suits them.

Multi-channel courier resellers also provide an option that allows you to book shipments online 24/7. This will enable you to automatically calculate, list and print labels for parcel shipments – all at the click of a button. They also provide a range of specialised tools to improve your productivity,

Another big advantage is that courier resellers can provide you with access to an online shipping calculator that can be added to your website listing. This can give your customers access to instant and accurate parcel delivery prices, based on the postcode or country they live in – and save you time in responding to customer enquiries on parcel shipping quotes. Make sure you choose a courier reseller that offers both domestic and international courier prices.

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of a multi-channel courier resellers is their personalised level of service. You can call or visit your local retail Service Centre and speak with a representative about your shipments.  If you deal with a single channel online courier reseller, you will find that it is very difficult to speak to one of their representatives, as their services are based on a fully automated online business model.

Taking all these factors into consideration, make sure you choose a courier service provider who can offer you very competitive courier prices as well as the infrastructure to give you personalised VIP service. Do your homework and set yourself up for every advantage – more choice – more solutions – and save time with the best price!


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